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The Bradley Home Run

After Huston Street blew the lead in yesterday’s A’s game, I thought the only good memory I’d take home yesterday was the Dan Haren bobblehead doll.  I held some hope after Kotsay drew the walk, but Milton Bradley’s home run … Continue reading

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I went to the Albany Theatre yesterday to see "Scoop."  It got a couple of lukewarm reviews in the local papers, but I enjoyed it.  I kept chuckling throughout the whole movie.   I saw a Simpsons episode a couple … Continue reading

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Last night I saw Johnny Depp on the Letterman show.  I’m sick of Johnny Depp! I’m at work and very hungry right now.  I’ll have to make a stop at home for something to eat before I head to the … Continue reading

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Last night I watched "Torn Curtain."  It wasn’t one of Hitchcock’s masterpieces, but I still enjoyed it.  It brought back some memories of years past.  Some of the scenes seemed very familiar.  I must have watched the ending on television … Continue reading

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Nacho Man

Walking past the Elmwood Theatre this morning, I saw the title "Nacho Libre" on the marquee, and I couldn’t help imagining the Village People singing, "Nacho, nacho man, I’ve got to be a nacho man…"   I toyed with the … Continue reading

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Reel Shame

I’m reading a book called "Reel Shame," about the bad movies that Hollywood stars make, usually early in their careers.  I wish there were photographs in this book.  There was a funny summary of "Mazes and Monsters," a 1982 movie … Continue reading

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The Guitar Lesson

Went to Newark to practice guitar.  It seemed that M. already knows "Smoke on the Water."  It was broiling hot outside.  I didn’t really feel like going anywhere.  I played video games for about two hours, and that was enough for me.  I just lay … Continue reading

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