Throwing the Series Away

Well, last night’s World Series game was an ugly one for Detroit.  It almost made me not regret that the A’s traded away Bonderman.  The thought of the Cardinals possibly celebrating a championship right there in St. Louis is rather painful to me.
I rushed off to the store during the middle innings to look for CDs.  The ones I decided to buy were Joan Baez’s "David’s Album," the Sex Pistols’ "The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle," and a Paul Simon greatest hits album I found for four dollars.  The Sex Pistols CD had the Sid Vicious rendition of "My Way."  A lot of people thought he could sang, based on that track, but he did do a creditable job on a couple of Eddie Cochran songs elsewhere.
I switched to "Ugly Betty" during the game and enjoyed following Betty more than the goings-on at Mode magazine.  I thought that Betty should look elsewhere for a boyfriend.  She had one guy chasing after her with a net, symbolically, showing his possessiveness.  The other was an accountant, who keeps track of things too closely, and probably going to keep track of HER too closely.  Betty’s broken butterfly wing brought to mind the lyrics of "Love Minus Zero/No Limit."  Her father’s antics with the fake Halloween blood brought to mind "Harold and Maude."  I couldn’t really understand how her nephew could be a fan of Gene Kelly in "On the Town."
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