On Wednesday night, the local TV news report showed computer animation of Santa Claus riding through various cities around the world.  They claimed that NORAD was tracking Santa’s position.  I have to say that this kind of reporting of fabrications truly disgusts me.  Nobody who has half a brain believes these images are accurate.  We know that Santa’s sleigh must be much bigger than what’s shown on TV because of all the presents he has to carry, and also that he travels much faster than NORAD claims, because he has to reach every chimney in the world.  I wonder how much weight he gains from all those milk and cookies.
I couldn’t sleep during the night, so I watched "Hancock."  It tried to be different in showing a superhero who is surly and unlikable, an alcoholic and not too good at his job.  The movie starts off with Hancock chasing an SUV, and causing nine million dollars in damages in the process.  Hancock later saves the life of a public relations man named Ray Embrey, who works at cleaning up his image.
Will Smith is Hancock, and he’s good as this superantihero.  Jason Bateman as Ray is agreeable, reminding me of Mark Ruffalo.  Charlize Theron plays Ray’s wife Mary, and she is OK, but she doesn’t look like Charlize Theron.  The story reveals a secret about her character that I didn’t care for.  I thought the movie got dumber the further it went.
The movie does touch on the sex lives of superheroes, which we’ve all wondered about.  Like Superman, Hancock’s ejaculations should be so powerful that they kill women.  That’s not what happens, and we don’t get to see it in detail because its an R-rated movie.
One of the action scenes had Hancock stopping a bank robbery.  It had some echoes of the bank heist sequence in "Heat," probably because of Michael Mann’s involvement in both movies.  I got a little sick of watching all the green screen shots.
I couldn’t like this movie.  It was loud and flashy and annoying and had a split personality.  It felt like a fart in the face.
I slept for only one hour, and after I awoke, I sat down to watch "WALL-E" again.  My only complaint about it was the obese people.  Their presence deadened the action in some of the scenes and seemed like preachy commentary on the country’s obesity.  It was quite an enjoyable film.
I awaited the Lakers-Celtics game  The score was close most of the way.  Kobe Bryant scored a lot of points.  I was annoyed with Pau Gasol in the first half, as he didn’t take aggressive shots moviing towards the basket, and didn’t seem to play too well on defense.  He’d do better by game’s end.  The Celtics committed a lot of turnovers.
During halftime, they showed an interview Magic Johnson did with Kobe Bryant.  As with his late night talk show, Magic Johnson proved that he wasn’t much of an interviewer.
The score was close with two minutes to play, but then Gasol made some baskets and blocked a shot, and those Lakers managed to win by nine points, 92-83, ending the Celtics’ winning streak.  Some of the celebrities in the crowd included Adam Sandler, Mark Wahlberg, Dustin Hoffman, Denzel Washington, Prince, and Snoop Dogg.
In the news was a report of a man dressed in a Santa suit shooting people at a Christmas Eve party in Covina.  He seemed worse than Billy bob Thornton in "Bad Santa."  Also, Eartha Kitt, who sang "Santa Baby" and played the Catwoman in the Batman TV series, died.  Another notable death was Harold Pinter, a Nobel Prize winner who wrote "Betrayal," among other things.
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