Kill Bill Vol. 1

I woke up to a pretty cold morning and read through the Los Angeles Times.  I read the articles on the lives of Harold Pinter and Eartha Kitt.  Meanwhile, my dad just couldn’t stop reading about the murderer in Covina who dressed up as Santa Claus and shot those people at their Christmas Eve party.  Talk about ruining a good time.
My brother sat in front of the TV watching a Nova program on absolute zero – the temperature, that is, not Bush’s approval rating.  The program dramatized scientists’ efforts to cool down gasses like hydrogen and helium to the point where they became liquids.
We drove over to a shopping mall that had a good number of people walking about.  I noticed a couple of long lines for pretzels and wondered if those pretzels were that good.  I walked across that entire mall, but could not find a single Beatles calendar, which really disgusted me.  Later, we went to Fry’s Electronics.  I bought something there, a bottle of cleaning solution to use on CDs and DVDs.  My motivation was to clean discs like that dusty Richard Strauss CD that gave me such trouble last week.
After getting home and watching the evening news, I caught part of a Seinfeld episode that showed Jerry agreeing to wear a puffy shirt on national television, and George’s career as a hand model.  I was amazed that two storylines of that caliber were running through one episode.  The show was a true classic.
I couldn’t quite stand the thought of watching "Miracle," the movie about the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team that defeated the Russian team on its way to winning the gold medal, so I watched the DVD of "Kill Bill Vol. 1" again.  The film was amusing to watch, even though there was a certain hollow quality to it.  I liked the use of music, especially the theme music from the Ironside and Green Hornet TV shows.  Vivica A. Fox turned in a pretty good performance.  I couldn’t stand Lucy Liu’s attempt at speaking Japanese, although I liked the way her interpreted translated her curse words.  My mom sat next to me as I watched.  This wasn’t exactly a family film, and earlier in the day I heard her singing songs from "The Sound of Music," so I wondered what her reaction would be.  She seemed to think it was a dumb movie, but she did ask me afterwards about plot points and characters.  She didn’t seem anxious to watch Vol. 2.
One of my favorite shots in the film is of O-ren and her followers walking in slow motion.  There was a touch of "A Clockwork Orange" in there.  I also liked the fight sequence with Gogo towards the end.  This isn’t a movie that makes you ponder the human condition or other weighty issues.  It’s about pop culture references and rather ridiculous fight sequences.  Instead of making sense, they’re shot in ways that give the movie visual variety instead of emotional depth.  Uma Thurman gets to kill a room full of people and set us up for Vol. 2. 
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