Monsters vs. Aliens

After I awoke early yesterday morning, I turned on the TV was watched two infomercials.  The first was Hip Hop Abs.  The people in the commercial seemed mostly younger than me, and their Before pictures looked worse than I look right now.  I wondered if I was out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.  I couldn’t stand the thought of working out to hip hop music.  My brother said that he lent his DVD copy of “Blade Runner” to one of the young guys at work, and he found it very boring.  The second infomercial had Cindy Crawford talking about facial care products that were made from melon extracts.  Supposedly, Cindy has not aged in 15 years, and this is the secret.

During the CBS Sunday Morning show, David Edelstein reviewed this year’s holiday movies.  I would like to see “The King’s Speech” if I can get the chance.  One segment was about the Chateau Marmont, where Sofia Coppola was shooting a film, where Robert Mitchum and Glenn Ford hung out, and where John Belushi died.  Later, there was a montage of all the famous people who died during the year, like Tony Curtis, Jill Clayburgh, Leslie Nielsen, John Wooden, George Blanda, and Bob Feller.  The last segment was not from Bill Geist or Mo Rocca, but Katie Lee, as she discussed punch, the drink, that is.

My mother, brother and I went to the shopping mall for the clothing sales.  At JC Penney, my mom bought for me a pair of shoes that were better than the ones I normally get from Big 5.  The employee who rang up the sale on the cash register forgot to take off the security tag from one of the shoes, so we had to return later.  Otherwise, I found have ended up with a right shoe with blue ink all over it.  I bought two Beatles calendars that were on sale at half off.  My mom was upset that they had run out of Pomeranian calendars, so we had to drive to another mall to find it and satisfy her.  We bought cherry Icees, which I haven’t had in many years.  I had wanted to go to Fry’s to look at their selection of Blu-ray discs, but I was too tired at that point, and just wanted to go look, have lunch and rest.

There was good news.  The Rams had beaten the 49ers.  The Chargers had a terribly play to begin their game against Cincinnati, and a bad punt and fumble made things worse.  It was 13-0, and things looked bleak.  The Chargers fought their way to a 13-10 score, but an interception, and a touchdown pass when San Diego’s defense wasn’t ready spelled the end of the Chargers’ playoff hopes.

For the first time, I saw commercials featuring the new crew of the CBS Early Show.  Erica Hill says, “It’s good to be healthy” and “It’s good to be early.”  She acts like she’s happy and having funny in the company of the three others, and she seems to show a lot of her upper teeth at the end.  I watched 60 Minutes, which had what I thought were interesting nature segments.

I watched “Monsters vs. Aliens” again.  I liked the concept of it, with this girl from Modesto turning into a giant, and then put to work by the government fighting threatening aliens from outer space.  My favorite sequence was the battle in San Francisco, which has bits of “Bullitt,” “Vertigo,” and “What’s Up, Doc?” in it.  Reese Witherspoon had the biggest role has Susan Murphy, who transforms into Ginormica.  I thought her acting was better and more worthy of an Oscar than in “Walk the Line.”  She was extremely funny.  Seth Rogen was a blue blob known as “B.O.B.”  He had amusing moments with green Jello.  Kiefer Sutherland was General W.R. Monger, who seemed a lot like George C. Scott in “Dr. Strangelove.”

One annoying element was the feminist lesson that Susan could accomplish important things in life without her narcissistic boyfriend who believes he’s moving up to the big time in getting the TV news anchor position in Fresno.  He gets the predictable treatment at the end.

Some of the humor involves the clichés of old science fiction and adventure movies.  For instance, Seth Rogen lets out an animal sound as a signal to the group during a stealth attack on the aliens, but it’s totally unnecessary.  I liked how Dr. Cockroach got tired of saying “Hail, Gallaxhar!”

I have said this before, but Rainn Wilson is excellent in this movie as the head alien Gallaxhar because he seems to be a real-life alien himself.  I can’t explain his odd behavior or his incomprehensible tweets on Twitter otherwise.

I’m not sure I want to watch this movie another three or four times before I die, but I think it’s still fun for another one or two times, at least.  It was good in 3-D, as I remember it.  There was a reminder that it was in 3-D at the beginning, when someone is playing with a paddle and ball.  Would I watch a sequel?  Yes, I would, although I would hope that it doesn’t turn out to be as bad as “Ghostbusters 2” was a long time ago.

The oldies radio station was playing Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September.”  While I was growing up, the oldies on oldies radio consisted strictly of songs from the 1950s and 1960s.

The football game in Philadelphia was postponed because of the weather.  The cold and snow would have been too much for me to handle.  I’m not of a hardy breed, like many of those football fans in Philadelphia or Minnesota or Green Bay.  I saw from the highlights that the Jets were not able to win in Chicago.  I wondered if Rex Ryan’s foot fetish distracted the players.

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