The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I took the bus out to the Grand Lake Theater to catch “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.” Since the last movie, I had forgotten what had happened, and I didn’t really care. I did want to see what Smaug would do. I thought he was pretty impressive. I’d rather watch this dragon and the dragons in “How to Train Your Dragon.” Some of these action scenes where characters are standing on a structure that’s about to collapse are things we’ve seen too many times. Does it happen a lot in Peter Jackson movies? I didn’t keep track in the previous ones. We see one character infected with a Goldfinger lust for treasures. I somehow felt that he was going to snap out of it before the end of the movie. It seemed to me that Bilbo should have listened to Gandalf. Why is he going right into the middle of danger? I wonder how many times he wore the ring. It seems to give him some kind of motion sickness, like one of the astronauts in “Interstellar.” I didn’t think that Evangeline Lilly was given a good part in this story. I also can’t help thinking that she looks ridiculous. I thought the movie looked pretty good for one having a lot of CGI. I looked for movements with everyone looking too regular. I thought that a few of the shots with all those men holding spears made the scene look like a big bed of nails. I think I’m getting sick of Benedict Cumberbatch. Why are we seeing him everywhere? He’s in the new movie about Alan Turing, too. Well, a lot of fighting happens in this latest Hobbit movie, and I didn’t mind that part. I pay my money to see some action in a movie like this. I’m not expecting any kind of emotional connection or enrichment. Those really ugly guys seem like they should be very fierce fighters and just wipe out everybody else. They make me think they’ve dropped in from a Road Warrior movie. Alfrid Lickspittle did his best to offend the audience, disguising himself as a woman to avoid the battle, and attempting to hide some gold coins. It seems that everybody in movie history who’s attempted to hide gold coins has always let them spill out onto the ground for others to see. Nobody ever hides the gold securely and easily. The violence is pretty strong at times, with characters getting their heads cut off and all. It’s the kind of thing that would have made me nauseous if I’d seen it when I was seven years old. I don’t know how people can stand to see so much violence. It must be making them sick in the head. One thing I couldn’t understand is why you might hang around on the ice when one of those big, mean dudes has fallen into the water underneath. These guys know how to survive and punch you in the mouth. I was also thinking about Glenn Close rising up from the water in the bathtub at the end of “Fatal Attraction.” Talk about your scary sights. For a movie that mentioned the Hobbit in the title, Bilbo didn’t have too much time on the screen. I thought the movie took a little too long to wind down. There’s a slightly humorous bit with Bilbo returning home, and there’s a link to the other trilogy. These last three movies took a long time to not really give us much. They were a carnival thrill ride. I thought this last movie was better than some of the other big-budget spectacles I’ve seen this year. I would say that “Guardians of the Galaxy” was one of the movies I enjoyed the most in 2014. I liked the irreverent feeling of it after so many self-important comic book movies. The jokes about Kevin Bacon and not being one hundred percent a dick made me laugh. I’ll never be able to listen to “Come and Get Your Love,” “Hooked on a Feeling,” or “O-o-h Child” again without thinking about the movie. Now that I won’t be able to see “The Interview,” I may try to catch this Hobbit movie a second time before Christmas. I didn’t read the Tolkien books when I was a kid. What I really liked was Ray Bradbury. It’s been fun going out to the Grand Lake Theater on weekday afternoons to catch some of these movies. The admission for early showings is only five dollars, even for 3D films. There wasn’t such audience reaction to this screening. Perhaps it was just a dead crowd. I wish that I could have some more carefree times like this afternoon. I hated the idea of going back to dealing with students and doing a lot of work. I caught the 12 bus back home and stopped off at Trader Joe’s to buy some food. The night’s football matchup was not too appealing. It seems that I shouldn’t even go to the Raiders game on Sunday. I wonder if there is going to be any improvement with the team next year. By six o’clock, it felt late because it was so dark outside. You know that the official start to winter will come very soon because of the early sunsets these days. I was eager to get this last rainy day out of the way. If I’m going to stay indoors, I might as well get some work done. I read that some critics thought that “Annie” was one of the worst movies of the year. I thought the John Huston version had some problems with it, but I still liked Albert Finney and Ann Reinking. It seems that tonight we’ll get Darlene Love singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” for the last time on the Letterman show. She visited Letterman starting in 1986. I think I’ll miss her. I heard the news that Derek Norris was traded to the San Diego Padres. Some of the people who died on December 19 include Marcello Mastroianni (1996), Desmond Llewelyn (1999), and Hope Lange (2003). Today is a birthday for Mike Lookinland (54), Tim Reid (70), Maurice White (73), and Cicely Tyson (81). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 19, the Spencer Tracy film “Judgment at Nuremberg” was released in 1961. In 1969, The Beatles’ seventh and last Christmas record was issued. In 1986, the Oliver Stone movie “Platoon” was released.

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