Travel Day

The last movie I saw on Christmas Eve was “Bad Santa” on Blu-ray. High definition did add something to the movie. In the morning I watched a bit of CBS This Morning. Kermit the Frog made an appearance, which reminded me of the day I won a big prize at the county fair. The coffee shop was closed for the holiday, so I went without my hot apple cider. A couple of people on the street wished me a merry Christmas. I took BART out to Richmond and sat out in the cold waiting for my train. The crowd of people traveling on the holiday wasn’t so jolly because they were getting tired quickly and also missing out on some fun. I sat down and listened to music on my Kindle. It was The Partridge Family and Joe Cocker. I listened to Joe Cocker’s Woodstock set, as Anthony Mason suggested. “With a Little Help From My Friends” was the highlight, of course. Across the aisle, an old man talked for so long to the person next to him that he wore him out. He could listen politely no longer. It seemed like we got to Fresno quickly. The train never filled up. I read a couple of chapters of “Gone with the Wind.” Scarlett O’Hara brought to mind a couple of girls I knew in the 1980s. Bakersfield always reminds me of Buck Owens. The town looked sleepy on this Christmas Day. I boarded the bus that would take me to Union Station. The driver was stern in telling us the rules of riding the bus. He warned us of strong winds. I fell asleep as it got dark outside. When we got close to downtown Los Angeles, I thought of how the area hadn’t changed much cover the decades, with the cars going over the same freeways, as in the days of “Dragnet.” The Union Station lobby wasn’t decorated the same way as in years past. The budget must have been lower. I wondered if anyone in my family was going to meet me at the station because no one replied to my messages. Eventually I sat down to cold turkey and mashed potatoes. I found it difficult to sleep in my old bed.  Some of the people who died on December 26 include Harry S. Truman (1972), Jack Benny (1974), Howard Hawks (1977), Dian Fossey (1985), Elsa Lanchester (1986), Curtis Mayfield (1999), Jason Robards (2000), Nigel Hawthorne (2001), and Gerald Ford (2006).  Today is a birthday for David Sedaris (58) and Phil Spector (75).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 26, Capitol Records singled the Beatles’ single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in 1963.  In 1967, the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” premiered on the BBC.  In 1973, “The Exorcist” had its nationwide premiere.  In 1974, Jack Benny died at age 80.

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