Golden State Warriors 126, Toronto Raptors 105

I was glad that I wasn’t working. I had the chance to catch up with my writing. The morning was pretty cold, and I didn’t want to sit outside with my computer. I found a corner of the library where I could check my class roster and ponder what I thought about “Into the Woods.” I bought a ticket for the Ringo Starr concert at the Masonic Auditorium on March 13. I needed to seize the chance to see the other ex-Beatle. I looked through the calendars at the Pegasus bookstore sale. The selection in years past seemed better. I found my copy of the third season of The Partridge Family in my mailbox. Because I was going to a basketball game, I would miss the two episodes that Antenna TV would show, “Swiss Family Partridge” and “Ain’t Loveth Grand.” I heard the news that Donna Douglas had died. She was 81, and she had pancreatic cancer. Besides being one of the Beverly Hillbillies, she was in the classic Twilight Zone episode, “Eye of the Beholder.” I took the bus out to the Oracle Arena for the Warriors game. One fan approached me and said that he recognized me from A’s games. Franco Finn was absent from pre-game discussions, but Ruby Lopez was still around. The band they had in the arena was Universal Soul. They played one song that I recognized, Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” A group of kids took the court for a game. The kid who wore the red jersey with the number 2 made three three-point shots, as I saw it. I had forgotten that Canada’s national anthem would be performed because the Toronto Raptors were the visiting team. The singer had a voice that I thought sounded like Joan Baez. The game started with promise for the Warriors because they got two three-point baskets rather quickly. They scored 40 points in the first quarter, so they figured to be on their way to a win, although we didn’t see them scoring 160 points in the game. In the second quarter, the Warriors had a bit of a bad stretch and allowed the Raptors to tie the score at 55-55. Toronto would in fact take the lead briefly, but with a late push the Warriors had the lead at halftime, 66-61. The entertainment during the break was a musician named Daniel D. He called himself a contemporary violinist. I guess he didn’t want everyone to think that he played just classical music. The crowd thought he was unusual, but he got a good amount of applause at the end. The start of the third quarter essentially decided the game. The Warriors outscored the Raptors 21-5 by my count. The quarter ended with the score at 97-84. We would not see the Flying W’s on this night. It looked like the Warriors Dance Team had new outfits. We saw a contest for a TiVo which had two fans doing a bit of play-by-play. We also saw the Dance Cam and the Kiss Cam. There was another contest for a television set with two fans trying to make three shots. We were not getting any free chicken nuggets. The Warriors had one last stretch of sloppy play but were mostly in control of the game. We saw Draymond Green get a triple-double and Stephen Curry score 32 points. Marresse Speights scored 26 points, and Klay Thompson had 20. The crowd was happy. One down note about a future game was that the Cleveland Cavaliers were probably going to come to town without LeBron James playing. I was rather glad then that I didn’t buy a ticket for that game. The final score was 126-105. The Toronto Raptors had been playing like serious contenders, so it was a good sign that the Warriors were able to handle this team. We don’t know how this team will be playing in May and June, but during this winter we feel pretty good. I wanted to hurry up and get through the crowd to my train to get home quickly. The BART bridge had a lot of people selling their shirts and hot dogs, which clogged traffic. One man was selling Rose Bowl shirts. I don’t know how many Oregon fans he thought were in this crowd. I didn’t like having to stand in the cold on the platform waiting for my train. We were told that long trains would be arriving, but they were the usual length. The station agent at my stop asked me about the game. I got home at 10:57. I watched the news because I thought I might hear a report on the death of Donna Douglas, but there was nothing. I didn’t know that she ever played Elly May ever again after the show was cancelled. Buddy Ebsen lived until 2003, which is amazing to me. I don’t see how they could continue the Beverly Hillbillies concept in the 1980s. Raymond Bailey died in 1980, and Nancy Kulp died in 1991. I was glad to be out of the cold early in the morning. I saw that Erica Hill on the Today show was wearing eyeglasses. They had a segment about selling your stuff, which is something I should do. My possessions are getting out of control in my apartment. I saw a segment on CBS This Morning about turning containers into houses in Oakland. If I could deal with the limited space, I would look into it. I wouldn’t want to use a bucket as a toilet, however. Baseball season is still three months away, and I don’t even know which players are still with the A’s. I think that I will wait to see “Selma.” The Oakland Museum is free tomorrow. Some of the people who died on January 3 include Emil Jannings (1950), Joy Adamson (1980), and Will Eisner (2005). Today is a birthday for Danica McKellar (40), Mel Gibson (59), John Paul Jones (69), Stephen Stills (70), Dabney Coleman (83), Robert Loggia (85), and George Martin (89). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for January 3, the John Lennon album “Two Virgins” was confiscated at Newark Airport because the cover was declared to be pornographic. In 1970, The Beatles started their last recording session for the song “I Me Mine.”  In 1974, Bob Dylan and The Band began a concert tour that would result in the album “Before the Flood.”  In 1989, Johnny Cash was released from a Nashville hospital two weeks after undergoing double-bypass heart surgery.

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