Golden State Warriors 122, Denver Nuggets 79

The morning news told us that the last Freedom Train run would happen because organizers couldn’t manage to raise $7000. I couldn’t see why they couldn’t find ten people who could put up $700 each. I took the 1 bus out to the Oracle Arena quite early. I saw Franco Finn out in front of the building talking on his phone. When I got inside, I went over to the team store and bought a basketball. It made me think back to old days. I took my seat and watched the players on the court. Universal Soul was the band playing their music, none of which I recognized. Some Girl Scouts went onto the court for a dance routine. The fan sitting in front of me was older than me, and he wouldn’t stop talking. He would yell about what plays the Warriors should run. He kept saying that they should pass four times before taking a shot. He also complained about the Warriors’ free throw shooting. Harrison Barnes said a few words about the meaning of the holiday, but many fans rudely kept talking, and I could barely hear anything he said. This game started just after one o’clock. The Warriors started off slowly, not scoring their first points until three and a half minutes into the quarter. This was a game for which we would get free chicken nuggets if the Denver Nuggets made less than 75 percent of their free throws. The Nuggets got off to a bad start there. The first quarter ended with the Warriors ahead, 25-15. Ruby Lopez talked about Dub the Vote. In the second quarter, I thought that the game was close to being decided when the score was 36-18, and when it was 39-18, I said to myself that there was no suspense left. The question was whether the Warriors would continue to play well during the playoffs. The second quarter ended with the score at 55-28. The season ticket holder of the game had been around since 1989. To me, that didn’t sound like it was very long, although it was 26 years ago. The halftime show was a choir that performed “O Happy Day.” The vendor nearby kept yelling out that he had churros. The Warriors cheerleaders had one woman with short hair. The Jr. Jam Squad made a good impression on the crowd with some fluid dance moves. In the third quarter, the Warriors allowed more than 20 points, and they had some bad moments with poor passes. Still, they outscored the Nuggets in the quarter, which ended with the score at 89-60. I didn’t see any Flying W’s. One fan had to make a trick shot of a free throw while facing away from the basket. He made the shot in his third try. The Asian fans who sat to my left got up from their seats and left before the fourth quarter began. It was all garbage time. All thirteen Warriors would score points in the game. The crowd thinned out more with each break in the game. There was hardly anyone left when they broke out the Dance Cam. The Warriors got more rebounds and looked fresher than the Nuggets. They kept scoring the points and increasing their lead. At the end, it was 122-79. The Warriors scored 30 or more points in three of the four quarters, and they allowed the Nuggets to score fewer than 20 points in three of the four quarters. Klay Thompson scored 22 points, and Stephen Curry scored 20 points. It was the 16th consecutive home win and the 101st consecutive sellout. I hurried out the arena, failing to pick up my coupon for the chicken nuggets. I made it quickly to the BART station and my train, which was fortunate, because a group of protesters arrived at the station at the same time. After I left on my train, the station was closed for a while. I was glad to get back home and have something to eat. I read a bit of “Gone with the Wind.” Scarlett arrived in Atlanta. I watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory and some Barney Miller. Fish faced mandatory retirement at age 63. He said he was going to be 83 in 1997, so this must have been taking place in 1977. Abe Vigoda wasn’t a young man when he was in “The Godfather.” Fish would be 101 years old this year. I don’t remember ever seeing Fish’s wife Bernice on the show before. Hal Linden is still alive, isn’t he? I don’t think he’s singing Blood, Sweat and Tears songs anymore, though. “Donovan’s Reef” was on one of the channels, but I was too sleepy to watch it. I watched the news, which informed me about the controversy of the deflated footballs in the New England Patriots game on Sunday. How much were they supposed to be deflated? The footballs are supposed to be easier to catch if they were deflated? I didn’t know that Donald Trump was still doing The Celebrity Apprentice these days. I saw that Geraldo Rivera was one of the celebrities. I can barely stand watching Hogan’s Heroes. Robert Clary is still alive. I wonder who came up with the idea for this show. I had to get ready for the new semester. I had a lot of notes to review. I felt this anxiety over having to face a new group of students. Are they going to learn anything? I was hoping for an extra class and thus some extra pay, which may come in the fall semester. Some of the people who died on January 20 include Alan Freed (1965), Jimmy Durante (1980), Johnny Weissmuller (1984), Barbara Stanwyck (1990), Audrey Hepburn (1993), Gerry Mulligan (1996), Al Hirschfeld (2003), Reynolds Price (2011), and Etta James (2012). Today is a birthday for Bill Maher (59), Paul Stanley (63), David Lynch (69), Buzz Aldrin (85), and Artie Johnson (86). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for January 20, Capitol Records released “Meet the Beatles” in 1964. In 1985, Andy Gibb guest starred in the “Punky Brewster” television series. In 1990, Michael Bolton had the Number One single, “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.”

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