Golden State Warriors 106, Phoenix Suns 87

I awoke early and watched the chef on CBS This Morning. Marjorie Druker’s signature recipes include: apricot and ginger chicken, day boat sandwiches, pan-roasted pear and frisée salad with black fig vinaigrette, roasted brussels sprouts and kale, sweet potato and corn chowder, Greek orzo, lemon and chicken soup, chocolate chip snow cap meringues, and a tangerini champagne cocktail. One interesting report was about the attempt to archive the entire Internet. On the Saturday morning Beatles program on 103.7 FM, they reminded us that it was 46 years ago on Friday that the band performed for the last time in public, on the roof of the Apple Records building, where they did nine takes of five songs. After I did my laundry, I looked at this weekend’s American Top 40 playlist. The Top 10 songs from February 3, 1979 were “I Will Survive,” “September,” “Fire,” “Every 1’s a Winner,” “My Life,” “Too Much Heaven,” “A Little More Love,” “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy,” “YMCA,” and “Le Freak.” I have been looking for a DVD copy of “Strohfeuer” for years, and it looked like I finally found someone to help me. After I returned home, I did a bit of reading and fell asleep for a while. I went out to the bus stop and waited an unreasonable amount of time for the 1 bus. The driver seemed like the slowest AC Transit driver ever because he got stuck at practically every red light. I lost patience and got out and walked to the Lake Merritt BART station. I took a train the rest of the way to the Oracle Arena. I got to the door just before it opened and then walked to the team store. The Item of the Game was a replica jersey. It cost $85, which I decided was too much for me to spend. I took my seat. DJ D-Sharp was doing the music, but there was no band to perform songs like “Shake Your Body.” We also had Ruby Lopez making announcements without Franco Finn. One of the players made his Super Bowl prediction, which was a win for the Seahawks. A little girl sang the national anthem, and it seemed she picked up a lot of bad ideas about singing from watching television. She should have done a straightforward rendition, but she tried to imitate an adult. The Suns got off to an 11-2 early lead, as the Warriors had a lackluster look to them as they didn’t score their first points until four minutes into the game. It seemed that Andrew Bogut had difficulty handling the ball, and cold shooting was the story early on. The Suns had a lead of 12 points. The crowd groaned at a lot of missed shots. Still, the score was 28-23, with Phoenix ahead after the first quarter, even though it could have been worse. We watched two fans getting a chance to announce a replay for a prize of a TiVo. Neither of them figured to have a job as an announcer in the future. I watched the Warriors cheerleaders, and saw that one of them had short blonde hair. They would wear the slate Curry jerseys later on. The Warriors started to pull themselves together in the second quarter. At one point, Hunter Pence was introduced to the crowd, and he got a lot of applause. The Warriors went ahead in the score, and at halftime it was 52-51. During the intermission, we saw a group of girls named Love2Dance. I sat in my seat thinking that the Warriors cheerleaders did a good job with their routines. In the third quarter, the Warriors asserted their superiority. The quarter ended with the Warriors ahead, 78-70. During the break, we saw a fan try a free throw left-handed for a prize. He made it with his first try, prompting to question whether the fan was actually left-handed. The fourth quarter was not exciting because the gap in the score widened. The Flying W’s were not around these days, but we did see the Dance Cam, and some T-shirts attached to parachutes dropped down on the crowd. Some poor guy proposed to his girlfriend. I had the feeling the girl was making a big mistake by accepting. The last four minutes of the game were garbage time. The fans were happy to see this after the last two games were losses. The final score was 106-87. We won some free chicken nuggets because the Suns made lower than 75 percent of their free throws. Hunter Pence stayed until the end of the game, and he also threw some T-shirts to fans in the seats. It took a while to get out of the building. It seemed that the place should have had more exits. It took half an hour to get to the BART station with all the slow traffic across the BART bridge. Too many people were selling bacon-wrapped hot dogs, beer, and T-shirts. I didn’t understand why the cops didn’t stop the person selling alcohol. The saxophone guy played the Flintstones theme. I got back home and watched the news. We had no rain in January, but the prediction was that we would get rain within a week. Vern Glenn said that he had a feeling that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl. Tim Brown had been elected into the Football Hall of Fame. I could not stand “Two and a Half Men,” so I prepared to go to sleep. In the morning, “The Stranger” was on KQED, but I had already missed most of it. I would have been happier if Orson Welles had finished more of his projects. I thought about seeing a movie before the game today. The Jessica Chastain movie is showing at 1:30. Some of the people who died on February 1 include Mary Shelley (1851), Buster Keaton (1966), Herb Caen (1997), and Don Cornelius (2012). Today is a birthday for Don Everly (78) and Garrett Morris (78). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for February 1, Indiana Governor Matthew E. Welsh declares the song “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen pornographic. In 1965, James Brown recorded “Papa’s Got a New Brand Bag” at the Arthur Smith Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1982, “Late Night with David Letterman” debuted on NBC with guests Bill Murray and Don Herbert.

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