Golden State Warriors 104, Dallas Mavericks 89

I watched the Partridge Family episode called “To Play or Not to Play.” There was some kind of injury to the left side of Keith’s face, but it’s never explained. I also watched the NUMB3RS episode called “Burn Rate.” I went out to do my laundry and went out to the office to do a bit of work. I wanted to buy a few times at the record store, but the cashier was one of my former students, so I passed on it for now. I left for Oracle Arena early because I wanted to get to the A’s box office before it closed. I bought tickets for fleece blanket day, Stephen Vogt bobblehead day, and root beer float day. I sat down in front of the arena and watched the coming attractions announcements. I wished I could see Fleetwood Mac on April 7. I daydreamed about getting revenge for the things people in my past did to me. I stood in front of one of the entrances and waited for the doors to open. I didn’t see many Mavericks fans in line, although one wore a 2011 World Champions shirt. I went to the team store and bought a pair of socks. I went over to my seat, and I think I fell asleep a couple of times. I saw Ruby Lopez roll a basketball on the court floor. The band Night Shift seemed to play for a very long time before the game started. Stephen Curry pleased the crowd during warm-ups by making a long shot. The arena announcer reminded us that the game was being broadcast on ESPN. The Mavericks scored the first six points of the game, and the Warriors didn’t score until about two and a half minutes into the game. Curry had to get things going by scoring all of the Warriors’ first eight points of the game. Something I would notice about Klay Thompson was his problem with passing. He’d also get the ball stolen from him as he dribbled through a crowd. Quite a few of the fans were late in arriving and taking their seats. A group of Asian fans took their seats in front of me. The women were preoccupied with their babies. Another pair of women to my right were talking loudly throughout the game. I’ll never know how some people can have so much to say about nothing. The Warriors looked like they were playing with confidence, especially in front of the home fans. They had a 29-24 lead at the end of the first quarter. We saw the Dance Cam, but we didn’t see the Scowling Fan on this night. Season ticket holder tried three-point shots for cash. Out of twelve tries, they made two. Quite a few of the shots didn’t hit the rim. I thought one of the women in the Warriors Dance Team might have cut her hair. The second quarter was a good one for the home team. They played with a familiar rhythm. They hustled impressively with rebounds and blocked shots. The season ticket holder of the game had been around since 2000. He said his favorite player was Stephen Curry. He didn’t feel too much like dancing, but his young daughter enjoyed being on camera. The Mavericks couldn’t prevent the Warriors from building on their lead, which was 52-40 at the end of the second quarter. Fans were acting like they expected every game to be a win for the home team. During halftime, we saw a group of Filipino dancers performing with poles. It looked like their feet might get caught in the movement, but it never happened. How much practice did they put into their dance? It felt like the halftime break was barely a few minutes. The Mavericks kept missing a lot of their shots, and the Warriors kept right on scoring points. They showed some sloppy play with turnovers. Bad passes made the crowd groan. However, the Warriors outscored the Mavericks for a third consecutive quarter. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 82-64. The primary players for the Warriors got some rest in the fourth quarter. The game was running a bit long. I cursed every foul because I wanted the game to end quickly. The Mavericks cut into the Warriors’ lead, but time was running out for them. We didn’t see the Flying W’s during the last quarter, but there was a Peet’s Coffee parachute drop. None of the cups landed anywhere near me. The game was announced as a sellout, although the seat next to me to my left was empty. A lot of the fans in my row stayed until the end. The Warriors had the last possession of the ball, and they ran out the clock. The final score was 104-89. We made our way to the exits pretty quickly. It seems that the Warriors have been attracting a lot of fans who are visiting the Oracle Arena for the first time. Most fans are expecting a championship from the team this season. Their next home game is tomorrow in the afternoon. These games are expensive, though, so I’ll stick with another movie. I walked over to the BART station. I still can’t believe that someone is out there selling beer from a cooler. My train back home was packed. I wished that more of the shops in my neighborhood could be open until midnight. I got home just after eleven o’clock. I ate some of the fish sticks I had left over from lunch. I saw Spike Lee on the sports highlights. I wanted to stay up for Banacek, but I was too tired. I was trying to get reasonably rested so that I could put in five hours of work on a Saturday morning and go off to see the Chinese New Year parade. I woke up to see CBS This Morning. One of the segments was about John Hughes. Kirk Honeycutt was the author of a book on Hughes. He got tired of directing because of the hassles, but he continued to write. He kept saying that one day Hughes just wasn’t there anymore in Hollywood. The death of John Candy affected him. Some of the people who died on March 7 include Divine (1988), Stanley Kubrick (1999), Charles Grey (2000), Paul Warfield (2004), Gordon Parks (2006), and Jimmy Boyd (2009). Today is a birthday for Bryan Cranston (59), John Heard (70), and Willard Scott (81).

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