Golden State Warriors 108, Los Angeles Lakers 105

I went out to work and felt relieved when it was over. I returned home and phoned a woman in Seattle, who told me about my brother’s money. I made arrangements for my class and took BART out to the Oracle Arena. I stopped at the A’s box office to buy tickets for two games. I looked for a place to eat that was within walking distance, but I gave up. Someone approached me, trying to sell me some Warriors buttons. I have too many items as it is. I waited outside the door waiting for someone to open it. When I got into the building, I browsed through the team store. I didn’t feel like spending the money for a shirt, so I went to my seat. I felt like having a hamburger, but the prices were so high that I was discouraged from that idea. Franco Finn seemed to have difficulty with Spanish. Some kids took the court for a game. The one girl on the court did score two points. The two seats to my right would be empty during the entire game. Manuel Romero sang a couple of songs. It seemed that he worked on his stage demeanor more than his singing. He came out to sing the national anthem. I didn’t recognize any of the Lakers players outside of Jeremy Lin. The Warriors got off to a fairly slow start. At least it seemed that way after Tom Tolbert’s prediction of an easy game. After one quarter, the score was tied at 30-30. We saw two season ticket holders attempting three-point shots for cash prizes. Both of them made one shot each, giving them $1000. The score remained close throughout the entire game. The Warriors did not shoot well enough to pull away, but they played good defense. The first quarter went quickly, but the rest of the game was not that fast. There weren’t many fouls early on. The crowd would get free chicken nuggets if the Laker made less than 75 percent of their free throws. They missed their first shot, but then did very well the rest of the way. The second quarter ended with the Warriors ahead, 58-54. We heard more of Manuel Romero, who sang a couple more songs in English, I think. I actually couldn’t hear him too clearly. The drums drowned out his singing. We would get word that the Warriors had officially qualified for the playoffs, and Ruby Lopez showed off the T-shirt showing the fact. Frequently this season, the Warriors have been able to put away the opposing team at the Oracle Arena in the third quarter. It didn’t happen this time, as the score at the end of the third quarter was 82-78. Another two season ticket holders came out to try three three-point shots. There was a woman and a senior. The woman reached the rim twice, but couldn’t make any of her shots. The old man didn’t show any strength, as each of shots was short of the rim. He drew some boos from the crowd. During the game, we did also see the Dance Cam and the Season Ticket Holder of the Game, who expressed admiration for Baron Davis. The last T-shirt toss did not come anywhere near my section. The Lakers hung in there in during the fourth quarter, tying the score at 95-95. Klay Thompson would make a three-point shot seconds later. The last minute of the game took a very long time to play, as there were a lot of fouls. Stephen Curry made some of those key shots. Defense came through with three seconds left. The Lakers had run out of timeouts, and the Warriors ran out the last second from the clock. The final score was 108-105. I didn’t see as many Lakers fans in the building as I have in the past. It was just about ten o’clock when the game ended, and I was tired and eager to get home. As we were walking to the BART station, someone was ranting about how bad the Raiders were. Nobody wanted to debate him. I know that I just wanted to get home. I thought about what my brother would like to see me do with the money he’s given me. I tried to make a list of all the movies we’d seen together over the years. I think the last one was “Avatar.” In recent years, we’d sat around the house watching movies on DVDs instead of going to the theatres. I think my brother didn’t like dealing with the rude and thoughtless people in the theatres. I got home just after eleven o’clock. I caught the sports highlights on the news with Andrea Nakano. Klay Thompson had score 26 points in the game. I was too sleepy to stay up for the late night television programs. I had a few records on the shelf that I haven’t listened to yet. I have the Monty Python and Twilight Zone DVDs to watch. I was thinking of buying some things for my father. My parents now have the money to fix up their house. I can continue to work as I have, at least for a while, but with a safety net now. What can I accomplish in ten years? I thought about moving to a new city. Should I move to a place where the cost of living is lower, as so many of the people I know are talking about doing? I was thinking about working for another ten to fifteen years and then retiring. We’re running out of water here in California. There are too many people living here. I needed to do my laundry early this morning before going out to teach my class. I think my goal is to spend only the money that I earn this year so that my brother’s money and my own savings will be intact to begin next year. I saw a commercial for “Danny Collins” and didn’t think it was too appealing. It seemed to me that “Scarface” changed Al Pacino for the worse forever. The trailer for the new Cameron Crowe film didn’t make me want to rush out to see it. Some of the people who died on March 17 include Luchino Visconti (1976), Capucine (1990), Jack Arnold (1992), Helen Hayes (1993), René Clement (1996), Freddie Francis (2007), and Alex Chilton (2010). Today is a birthday for Gary Sinise (60), Kurt Russell (64), Patrick Duffy (66), and Pattie Boyd (71). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for March 17, “The Phil Silvers Show” on the Best Comedy Series Emmy in 1956, with Phil Silvers winning the award for Best Actor in a Continuing Performance. In 1972, John Waters’ cult film “Pink Flamingos” was released. In 2000, “Erin Brockovich” was released.

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