Golden State Warriors 106, Utah Jazz 91

I watched CBS This Morning and its chef segment. Ed Cotton’s signature recipes included Linguine and Clams, Focaccia Bread, Eggplant Caponata, Nduja Braised Greens, Chicken Cacciatore, Traditional Tiramisu, and Blood Orange Palomino. After shopping for groceries at Safeway, I went to the office. I looked at the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend. The Top 10 songs on March 22, 1975 were “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You,” “No No Song,” “Poetry Man,” “You Are So Beautiful,” “Express,” “Have You Never Been Mellow,” “Black Water,” “Lovin’ You,” “Lady Marmalade,” and “My Eyes Adored You.” I bought a train ticket, a Blu-ray edition of Robert Altman’s “Nashville,” and a Beatles wallet. I watched the tenth episode of “Edward the King.” I’m looking forward to finally finishing the series. After getting some work done, I went home to take a nap. I watched a bit of the DVD of “Wingspan.” I took the BART train out to the Oracle Arena. I waited outside one of the doors into the building, and when it opened, I headed for the new team store. I bought a ball and hoop set that was like a Nerf ball set. I also bought a tote bag. I headed for my seat. I saw a dance group take the court. Some young girls sat behind me to my left, and they gave ear-piercing screams whenever Stephen Curry’s name was mentioned. Five of the Warriors cheerleaders brought out the American flag. We would see the military later in the night when someone was given a Playstation 4 as a gift. I don’t think anyone in the building was afraid that the Warriors would lose this game. The Jazz scored the first points of the game, and they did later tie the score at 7-7, but the Warriors went ahead and ended the first quarter still ahead at 19-15. It was a low-scoring quarter that was somewhat frustrating for the fans. We saw the Warriors outscore the Jazz in the second quarter, also. We saw one fan try a layup, free throw, and three-point shot for cash and free groceries for a year at Lucky. He got $100. The season ticket holder of the game said that his favorite Warrior of all time was Latrell Sprewell. The Warriors showed their superiority and ended the second quarter with the score at 49-40. What we saw during halftime was a lot of women on the court showing their Jazzercise moves. The fan sitting next to me to my right said repeatedly that it was a horrible display. I thought I saw one man in that mass of humanity on the court. The third quarter was not decisive, but the Warriors did put a little more distance between themselves and the Jazz. The score was 85-73 at the end of the quarter. I didn’t really wonder what happened to the Flying W’s. It felt like the Warriors could have used Klay Thompson’s ability to score points, but others took up the slack. We would have won some chicken nuggets from Jack in the Box if the Jazz had made less than 75 percent of their free throws, but it wasn’t happening on this night. The Jazz never closed the gap in the fourth quarter. Curry had some key points and mad the electrifying play of the night, a three-point play started with a shot made while he was falling down. The fan who didn’t like the Jazzercise women left early, leaving my row nearly empty during the last two minutes. The final score was 106-91. The cheerleaders went onto the court and did a victory dance. On my way out of the building, I overheard fans talking about the NBA Finals. Walking across the BART bridge, I didn’t see many hot dog or churro sellers. One person was selling beer from an ice chest, and I kept wondering if the cops would nab him. I had to wait a while for my train, and I saw that most of the people standing on the platform were headed to San Francisco. I waited for a bus until 10:50 and got home just after 11. I watched the news. I did not want to watch Kevin Hart on Saturday Night Live. I saw Tom Selleck, which I think is better than watching Charlie Sheen. I also saw the ending of a Japanese movie with Godzilla and King Kong. I tried to put up the hoop I’d bought on my door, but the clip was not useful, and I decided I’d have to use tacks or pins instead. I’d had a Saturday night without Wonder Woman or Star Trek. I wished that KQED had shown a movie during the late night hours, something like “An American in Paris.” I thought back on those late shows with action films and musicals and Biblical epics. I tried to remember seeing “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” I fell asleep while listening to the radio. I thought that the music on 103.7 FM was getting worse. The days have been emotionally trying. I thought about how to get through another week of classes before spring break. I haven’t been reading my novels or playing my records or my video games. This morning I saw commercials for movies with Ben Stiller and Helen Mirren. I might like to see them instead of the CGI epics and sequels. I ate some nuts and raisins. I felt nauseous during the morning right after I woke up. I thought about the next ten years. I’d better make good use of my time. Some of the people who died on March 22 include Michael Todd (1958), William Hanna (2001), and Lisa Ferraday (2004). Today is a birthday for Reese Witherspoon (39), Matthew Modine (56), Lena Olin (60), Bob Costas (63), George Benson (72), William Shatner (84), and Stephen Sondheim (85). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for March 22, John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their first bed-in for peace at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. In 1986, Mark Dinning, known for the hit “Teen Angel,” died of a heart attack in Jefferson City, Missouri at age 52. In 1996, Don Murray, drummer for The Turtles, died at age 50 from complications following ulcer surgery.

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