The Knack… and How to Get It

I went to work for the last time before my leave. One of the people who came in talked to me about Sonny Gray Jersey Night. I left the building feeling sad. I walked over to Safeway to buy some strawberries, mango, and other food for the trip. Back at home, I watched the movie “The Knack… and How to Get It” on DVD. The director was Richard Lester, and you could see traces of his work, like “A Hard Day’s Night” and “How I Won the War,” in it. This was not as good a film as the other two, but it does give us a glimpse of London in 1965. It was in black and white, and the sense of movement, of characters running around and falling down, was a little bit like “A Hard Day’s Night” without The Beatles. Reportedly, this movie was the debut of both Jacqueline Bisset and Charlotte Rampling. Tolen is the man with the knack with women, while Colin does not have the knack. We see a line of women, many of them looking alike, at the beginning of the movie. I don’t think I could have spotted the difference between Jacqueline Bisset and Charlotte Rampling in that group. The girls reminded me of Pattie Boyd in Lester’s earlier movie. Rita Tushingham was an innocent taking a train into town. She asks for directions to the YWCA. It certainly wasn’t like the Beatles coming into London. Colin teaches his students a lesson about the angle of incidence equaling the angle of reflection. I wondered if it had the slightest usefulness to these children. The classroom scene felt like it came out of a Monty Python movie. There was a bit about wheeling a bed down the street that was like The Monkees. I thought the funniest moment in the movie involved a rope and a motorcycle, like Steve McQueen in “The Great Escape.” Michael Crawford was very funny. Rita Tushingham reminded me of people like Judy Carne, Sally Hawkins, and Emily Mortimer. The chase sequence with the doors was not original but it was rather funny. The last fifteen minutes of the film was extremely uncomfortable because it turned a rape accusation into humor. I don’t know what was going on in everyone’s minds back in 1965. The movie was based on a play by Ann Jellicoe. John Barry composed the score, which did have a touch of James Bond to it. The only special feature of the disc was the original theatrical trailer, which quoted several of the good reviews the movie received. This wasn’t one of my favorite Richard Lester films. I think Lester needed more than visual gags to make a good movie. The songs in “A Hard Day’s Night” helped in making it special. “Help!” could have been a better film. “The Three Musketeers” was a very good movie in my memory. I’ll have to see it again sometime this year. I liked Raquel Welch, Faye Dunaway, and Michael York. I watched two Big Bang Theory episodes while I had something to eat, and then I watched the two Partridge Family episodes “A Partridge By Any Other Name” and “A Knight in Shining Armor.” The first season came to a strong close. It was hard to understand why Shirley found it hard to find Danny’s birth certificate when she showed it to army officers in an earlier episode. There was a clue to the location of San Pueblo. It was supposed to be forty miles from Napa County, where Shirley was out on a picnic. Bobby Sherman was in the season finale. I kept wondering whether there was something wrong with his neck. The featured song was “Stephanie.” I also watched the NUMB3RS episode “The Janus List,” which was the finale of the third season. Megan returned, and Colby shocked everyone. You never know what is going on underneath the surface with these FBI agents. Don was furious. Charlie had a Big Bang Theory moment with a robot. He had to answer some questions like in a game show to keep someone from using cell phones to set off explosions. There was a lot of information given in code. I wasn’t able to stay awake to watch Banacek and the case of a vanishing airplane. I also missed Van Halen on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Jimmy said that the teacher they were once hot for is now going through menopause. James Corden looked like he was doing a spoof of male models. The A’s won their spring training game over the Colorado Rockies. I heard that Chris Mullin is leaving the Sacramento Kings to coach the St. John’s basketball team. There was a cheating scandal at Stanford University. It’s supposed to turn into a windy day as I go off on my trip. We’re supposed to see a chance of rain on Sunday. I hope the rain doesn’t hit on Opening Night with the A’s and the Rangers. The Alcatraz ferry landing could be moving, making some people unhappy. I’d like to visit Alcatraz again someday. The last time I saw the movie “Petulia,” I realized I should go back. I wonder what’s happening with the sea lions. Today is a day to honor Cesar Chavez. I had several tasks to complete before I leave. Some of the people who died on March 31 include Isaac Newton (1727), Charlotte Brontë (1855), Jesse Owens (1980), Selena (1995), and Bella Abzug (1998). Today is a birthday for Rhea Perlman (67), Gabe Kaplan (70), Christopher Walken (72), Richard Chamberlain (81), and Shirley Jones (81). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for March 31, Chuck Berry released his “Johnny B. Goode” single in 1958. In 1984, Kenny Loggins had the Number One single, “Footloose.” In 1985, the WWF held their first WrestleMania, in Madison Square Garden. In 1994, Madonna made an appearance on David Letterman’s late night show in which she was bleeped fourteen times and refused to leave. My choices for the Top 5 Biggest Jerks of March 2015 are: 5. Lew Wolff, 4. Scott Weiland, 3. Mike Pence, 2. Scott Dunham, and 1. Andrea Lubitz.

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