April Fools Day in Southern California

The major news of the day was Governor Brown’s announcement of mandatory cutbacks in water use. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The goal is to reduce usage by 25 percent. Some people do not want to give up their green lawns. Golf courses are already using recycled water, but will still face hardships. The farmers are going to face tough times. We also heard a lot about Joni Mitchell being hospitalized after losing consciousness in her home in Bel-Air. Kevin Bacon and Boy George sent messages to her through Twitter. The world’s oldest person died at age 117. Los Angeles has confusing parking signs, and one proposal was to have charts indicating the times when it’s OK to park in a space. I had some Progreso soup for breakfast. I fell asleep for a while. I listened to the game with the Angels and the A’s on the radio on 830 AM. The A’s won it, 4-1. The radio announcers for the Angels were not the most memorable team. The Dodgers played to a tie against the Royals. The oldies on the radio reminded me of the days when I heard Dick Clark talking about Bobby Darin on one of his special programs. The weather forecast called for Santa Ana winds on Friday. I saw the news that Cynthia Lennon had died in Spain at age 75. The fame and the drug use led to the divorce. My mother reported that the local shopping mall was going downhill with store closures and absent customers. The Clippers fell behind in their game against Portland, but they came back to win. The Lakers lost big against the Pelicans. The sports reporter in fact said that the Pelicans blasted the Lakers. I missed the days when Gil Stratton was on the radio. He appeared in movies with Judy Garland, William Holden, and Marilyn Monroe. I felt that I should have taken the dog out for a walk. I listened to a Scriptnotes episode. It seems like a lot of people out there have lame ideas for screenplays based on personal experiences. I watched “Go for Broke!” again. It looked like Truman made an appearance at the end. I heard that the Ducks won the Pacific Division. April Fools Day was a bad day for Wall Street. The sun seemed to descend quickly, and the darkness outside was rather scary.  Some of the people who died on April 2 include C.S. Forester (1966), Buddy Rich (1987), and Edwin Starr (2003).  Today is a birthday for Emmylou Harris (68), Linda Hunt (70), and Leon Russell (73).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind segment for April 2, “2001: A Space Odyssey” had its premiere at the Uptown Theatre in Washington DC in 1968.  In 1970, “Patton” was released.  In 1971, the final episode of “Dark Shadows” aired on ABC.  In 1978, the first episode of “Dallas” was shown on CBS.

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