Furious 7

I watched Candice Bergen on the CBS Sunday Morning show. My parents didn’t phone me, even though I thought they would have a lot to say to me. It started to rain a bit, much to my annoyance. I took an umbrella with me out to the bus stop. I discovered that the 72R was now running on Sundays. I got to the theatre early. Many people were out to see “Furious 7.” Based on one of the previous movies in the series I’d seen, I was puzzled over why this movie was making so much money. I will have to say that Vin Diesel is one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen. Michelle Rodriguez can be better than what she showed in this movie, but she couldn’t rise above the material. One of the surprises was seeing Kurt Russell make an appearance. I noticed that one of the people in the cast was in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The cars could do things that were clearly impossible. I don’t think anyone in the audience cared. It looked like they really dropped cars out of a plane for one sequence, although it’s extremely hard to believe that they could all land perfectly for another action sequence. We see cars going down hills and flying through the air. People don’t get hurt or killed. We see people doing wild things with computers, too. I felt that Vin Diesel had no chemistry with Michelle Rodriguez. We see a mix of cars, martial arts, and technology in this movie. All that was missing was some more sex appeal. I thought that the bit with the car going through the windows of three high-rise buildings was too much. Why wouldn’t the car have brakes? Los Angeles looked like a place where you could break the law and get away with it. I think the movie is part of a disappointing trend of showing impossible things up on the screen, which audiences mostly just accept. I thought the acting was bad all around. I don’t know why Dwayne Johnson has ended up in so many movies. The sequence with the parking structure was too wacky for me. I would say that the one part of the movie that was worthwhile was the tribute to Paul Walker at the end. I wondered what was in his head, raised a Mormon and majoring in marine biology. He lived for only forty years. I wished that they hadn’t used CGI with his image. He wasn’t the driver in his fatal accident, which did make a difference in what I thought of him. I’m not so eager to see the next movie in the series, but with the blockbuster ticket sales over the weekend, I guess it’s inevitable. I would have liked seeing Denzel Washington in this picture, instead of seeing him in something like “The Equalizer.” The movie got a strong response from the audience, applauding at the end, although I thought it was thoroughly average as entertainment. It made me think back to those car movies of the 1970s, like “Vanishing Point” and “Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.” One movie that was hard to forget was George Montgomery in “The Daredevil,” which I didn’t think was any good, but it reminded me of old times. The running time of “Furious 7” was 137 minutes, which I thought was too long. I left the 11:30 showing at 2:00, and I caught the buses back home. “The Streets of San Francisco” was on Me TV when I got back home. Eileen Heckart from “Butterflies Are Free” was the wife of a cop. I wondered where her house was in the episode. Some of her movies were “Somebody Up There Likes Me,” “Bus Stop,” “The Bad Seed,” “Up the Down Staircase,” “Heartbreak Ridge,” and “The First Wives Club.” She would die on December 31, 2001 of lung cancer at her home in Norwalk, Connecticut at age 82. I got a Big Bang Theory T-shirt, and I sat down to listen to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN. He played songs from Jerry Lee Lewis and Jerry Garcia. One of the songs I liked was “Middle Age Crazy.” I was never much of a Grateful Dead fan. I watched the 60 Minutes segment on Wikipedia. I watched the Columbo episode “Murder Under Glass” with Louis Jourdan. The director was Jonathan Demme. Jourdan was a foolish murderer for using the poison from a fugu. I ate a lot of strawberries and mango slices, which made my stomach feel better in the morning. I fell asleep and couldn’t watch any of the programs on Me TV. I heard about the death of Lon Simmons at age 91. The local morning news told us about a 65-year-old woman who kept the body of her dead mother in the house for several years. The story had shades of “Psycho” with Anthony Perkins. Roberta Gonzales gave us the weather forecast, and she said that Opening Night for the A’s would not get rained out. The sky was bright, if cloudy, in the morning. I was glad that I had the day off from work. I placed several DVDs on hold at the library. I was glad that they bought a copy of Truffaut’s “The Soft Skin.” I had finished seeing “GoldenEye” over the weekend. Apparently, it was originally written for Timothy Dalton, and it was planned for 1991 before legal difficulties delayed the movie. I thought it was one of Pierce Brosnan’s best movies as James Bond. I really hated that part with all the ice and the car in his last movie with Halle Berry. I saw a trailer for “SPECTRE.” I’m not sure whether I’m going to get excited over this next movie. I think that I am going to miss Judi Dench. I heard that the Cubs lost the first game of the Major League Baseball season. I slowly prepared to leave for the game at the Coliseum. I hope the new scoreboard will be worth looking at. I didn’t even check the names on the A’s Opening Night roster. Some of the people who died on April 6 include Igor Stravinsky (1971), Isaac Asimov (1992), Greer Garson (1996), and Tammy Wynette (1998). Today is a birthday for Paul Rudd (46), Marilu Henner (63), Merle Haggard (78), and Billy Dee Williams (78).

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