Scott Kazmir’s Ten Strikeouts

I went out to the office and worked on my writing. I watched the last episode of “Edward the King.” It ended the only way it could. I went to the store to buy the Raiders beanie that was on sale. I would like to use some of the extra money I will earn this fall to buy a new video game console. I should have taken a nap, but I sat around doing some reading before heading to the BART station. One of the regular A’s fans saw me, but she was wearing her work clothes. I stopped at the box office to buy tickets for future games. I went to my seat and was annoyed that two people had the seats immediately to my left. It sure didn’t seem like every seat in my section was sold to make my row so crowded. I listened to the radio and heard songs like “Sultans of Swing,” “Karma Chameleon,” and “Glory Days.” I was seated in a place where the wind didn’t cut into my face, so I was satisfied. I ate some of the trail mix I had bought from Trader Joe’s. I could have used something to drink, but I refused to pay for bottled water. The Rangers got a bunt hit off Scott Kazmir to start the game, but fortunately he wasn’t fazed by this. He would get eleven consecutive outs while the rest of the team provided him with runs. The first five hitters for the A’s did nothing, but then Brett Lawrie doubled. He got too greedy, though, as he tried for a triple. He was thrown out, off course. The bottom of the third inning decided the game. Marcus Semien singled with one out, and Tyler Ladendorf tripled to drive in the first run of the game. Craig Gentry was batting .000, but he was hit by a pitch, keeping the inning going. Ben Zobrist inexplicably bunted and was out when the catcher caught one of the balls. Butler walked to load the bases. Mark Canha hit a long fly ball that looked like it bounced off the wall in centerfield for a long run, but it was ruled a triple even after a video replay. That hit made the score 5-0. The A’s got one more run in the fourth inning with an error, a walk, another error, and a wild pitch. The Rangers certainly performed poorly on defense in this game. The A’s produced two more runs in the fifth inning on four consecutive singles and a force play. We saw a highlight from 1988 and heard the songs “Soul Man,” “Sledgehammer,” and “Ballroom Blitz.” In the sixth inning, the A’s scored one more run on singles from Ben Zobrist and Billy Butler, and a double from Mark Canha. We saw another Big Head race before the seventh inning, with Rickey Henderson winning. Rollie Fingers certainly got off to a slow start. Scott Kazmir finished his night by pitching the top of the seventh inning. The first batter reached base on an error, and Kazmir allowed a two-out walk, but he held the Rangers to no runs, one hit, and he struck out ten batters. It was a great performance which Vince Cotroneo described as suffocating for the Rangers. Kazmir left the game with Led Zeppelin music blaring across the stadium. During the seventh inning stretch, we heard James Brown’s “I Got You.” The A’s got their last run of the game in the bottom of the inning. Tyler Ladendorf walked, went to second on a wild pitch, then to third on a fly ball, and finally home on a ground out to shortstop. It was a big night for the newcomers to the team. Cody Ross had two RBI. Mark Canha had three hits, two of them doubles, and four RBI. Tyler Ladendorf had a triple and a walk with one RBI. Dan Otero came out to pitch the top of the eighth inning. He allowed the Rangers’ second hit of the game, a single that bounced off home plate, but he kept the score at 10-0. Butler got the A’s last hit of the game with a single in the bottom of the eighth inning. R.J. Alvarez pitched the top of the ninth inning. He was supposed to be a hard thrower, but I couldn’t tell that from where I was sitting. One irritating thing about the new scoreboard is that it’s hard to find some of the basic information like the count and the time among all that information. Alvarez allowed a double with one out, but then he struck out the next two batters to end the game. It had started at 7:07 and ended at 10:02. Attendance was 19,479. Kazmir was impressive, but the media kept talking about the new players. The title of the Led Zeppelin song is “Kashmir” and not Kazmir, in case anyone was confused at all. I was glad that I was bundled up in clothes as I went out into the cold to get back home. I didn’t want my cough to get any worse. I kept thinking that I didn’t really feel like going out to teach another class to end the week. I was too sleepy to stay up and see what James Corden was up to in his show. After seeing “Into the Woods” again recently, I wasn’t so anxious to see more of him on television. Some of the people who died on April 9 include Frank Lloyd Wright (1959), Little Eva (2003), Sidney Lumet (2011), and Willie Stargell (2011). Today is a birthday for Dennis Quaid (61), Michael Learned (76), Tom Lehrer (87), and Hugh Hefner (89). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for April 9, Sophia Loren won the Best Actress Oscar for “Two Women” in 1962. In 1976, Alfred Hitchcock’s last film, “Family Plot,” was released. In 1977, ABBA had the Number One single, “Dancing Queen.” Carl Perkins would have turned 83 years old today. He died on January 19, 1998.

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