Hot Pursuit

I watched CBS This Morning and saw a segment on television moms. I saw Shirley Jones talking about her show. My parents phoned me to talk about what I’d done about the money I’d received. I took a walk out into the cold morning before taking the bus over to Jack London Square. I bought my breakfast there, although it was uncomfortable outside. I read a chapter of the Tolstoy novel. I wished the Oakland Grill wasn’t so crowded on a Sunday morning. Back at the theatre, most people were buying tickets for the Avengers, but since I’d already seen it twice, I decided to see “Hot Pursuit” with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. It got negative reviews, but the audience seemed to enjoy it. It was nothing original, being something like a female version of “Midnight Run,” but there was some chemistry between the principals. Reese was the by-the-book cop named Cooper who was to escort the wife of a witness to the courthouse. Complications ensue, and the two become fugitives. Sofia does her comedy and is quite funny. The lesbian lovers bit made me laugh. I kept thinking that Reese was a small person. My least favorite bit was the senior citizens on the bus. I could not believe that they would act so calmly about this emergency situation. Seniors don’t like unpredictability. For a comedy, this movie had disturbing scenes of violence. Some people died, and one had a finger shot off. Reese took on two disguises that brought to mind Inspector Clouseau of The Pink Panther fame. I found her transformation at the end hard to believe. I think Reese and Sofia were the only people I recognized in this movie. The director was Anne Fletcher. I thought this movie was somewhat better than “Think Like a Man, Too” but was not as good as many hundreds of movies over the years. Apparently, the box office numbers for this movie were below expectations. It’s not cerebral stuff, but there is a chance that some people will find it and like it. I think that there is a problem with many of the movie critics that are out there these days, and that problem is that they have no sense of humor whatsoever. I don’t know what they expect out of a movie. I didn’t get any popcorn for the movie, and I fell asleep just before the trailers started. I have seen the trailer for “Spy” too many times. I feel that I have seen too much of Melissa McCarthy during these last two years. I listened to the A’s game in Seattle. It seemed that Jesse Chavez made a bad pitch that allowed the Mariners to score two runs. I was alarmed to see that the A’s were on a pace to lose 100 games. Does Bob Melvin really see positive signs in this group of players? After I returned home, I went over to the record store and bought the DVD set of “Elizabeth R.” I caught the end of the game between the Cavaliers and the Bulls. LeBron James added to his legend with the last shot. I watched the special features of the DVD of “The Soft Skin.” It was interesting to hear the story of how Truffaut’s book on Hitchcock came into being. I listened to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN. He played songs by Gene Vincent and St. Vincent. I watched the Columbo episode “An Old Fashioned Murder.” I saw the beginning of “Mission: Impossible,” and I wondered why Jim Phelps always had to go through that ritual of going through the photographs when he always picks the same people every time. Some of the people who died on May 11 include Juan Gris (1927), Lester Flatt (1979), Bob Marley (1981), Douglas Adams (2001), and Noel Redding (2003). Today is a birthday for Eric Burdon (74). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind segment for May 11, Led Zeppelin met Elvis Presley for the first time at a Presley concert in Los Angeles in 1974. In 1984, “The Natural,” with Robert Redford and Glenn Close, was released. In 2001, Douglas Adams, author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” died of a heart attack at age 49.

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