Mad Max: Fury Road

I had a day off from work, and it seemed a bit wasteful to use it doing tasks like the laundry. At Trader Joe’s, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in years. I should have asked him how I could get copies of the movies I haven’t been able to find. I read a little bit of my novel and browsed through the record store. I saw a used copy of the mono edition of The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” and so decided to buy it. I bought strawberry lemonade as I made my way to the Grand Lake Theater. I was there for “Mad Max: Fury Road.” There was a pretty good crowd that showed up on a late Monday afternoon. I would not say that George Miller created the magic that he had back in 1981 with “The Road Warrior.” That movie had memorable characters like The Gyro Captain and the Feral Kid. This one had Charlize Theron and a guy who played an electric guitar. The new Mad Max is Tom Hardy, and he reminded me at various times of Kevin Costner, Chris Pratt, and John Lurie. He actually made me miss Mel Gibson, even with Gibson’s anti-Semitic comments. I found Tom Hardy forgettable. I didn’t see anything special from him. It seemed like any of a hundred other actors could have done what he did in this movie. The only movie I remember him from was “Locke.” I missed the sense of humor of “The Road Warrior,” along with the guy who resembled Richard Burton. It seemed a shame to hire Charlize Theron for this movie, and then make her character have a buzz cut and a missing arm. She also gets her face dirty and bloody. She was a stronger presence in a Mad Max movie than any other woman I can remember, including Tina Turner. I think I would have liked seeing Sigourney Weaver in one of these movies with Mel Gibson. It could have been a reunion of “The Year of Living Dangerously.” The other women in the movie made me think of a soda commercial with their presence in the middle of the desert. Immortan Joe made me think of Kurosawa’s “Ran.” The movie is a big car chase, buy maybe not quite like “The Getaway.” Miller tried to get away from the CGI look of other action movies. I liked the convincing look of “The Road Warrior.” I wished Miller could have gotten away from the look of previous movies. The collection of freaks was something we had seen before, and all these years later, they seem nearly normal. It seems that we’ve seen everything in car chases, but this Mad Max movie manages quite a few exciting moments. I don’t see how this small group could fend off the hordes of people trying to kill them. It seemed that their vehicle should have been destroyed about thirty times during these chases. They had all of Australia chasing after them. Charlize looked like she was going to bleed to death, and a makeshift transfusion wasn’t going to save her. I kept thinking that in this world, if you’re faced with a medical emergency, you’re probably a goner. I found himself wishing that the electric guitar player would meet a bad end. This movie certainly doesn’t replace “The Road Warrior” as the classic in this series. One thing I can say about this movie was that it was one of the loudest I’ve ever been to. The sound seemed like it was constantly blaring into my ears. In the years since the previous Mad Max film, George Miller directed “The Witches of Eastwick,” “Lorenzo’s Oil,” “Babe: Pig in the City,” and “Happy Feet.” He is 70 years old now. I think that I am waiting for the Mad Max series to finally leave the desert. I wondered if the discussion about satellites was some kind of a hint as to what we would see in a sequel. I read that the next movie will be called “Mad Max: The Wasteland.” With no baseball games this weekend, I think I’d like to see this movie again, perhaps on Saturday. I’m not sure why George Miller signed Tom Hardy on to do so many movies. It seems that many people want to see Furiosa again. Somehow, I didn’t want to see the crowd of people at the end. I thought of this world as being sparsely populated. The focus is on individuals as if they weren’t just like ants in a colony. Max just recedes from the masses, which was not how I really looked at him all these years. It seemed that this movie should have been called “Furiosa and Mad Max: Fury Road.” The end credits didn’t give us the main characters again as far as I saw. The movie was loud up until the very end. It looked like this movie was hard to direct, and I wondered how much more Miller could take at his age. I listened to the A’s game in Houston. Finally, the relief pitchers had a good game, and Sam Fuld made a big catch, although they didn’t get out of the game without Marcus Semien committing another error. They also managed to win a one-run game. During the day, one of the television channels was showing Twilight Zone episodes like “The Gift” and “The Dummy” from the third and fourth seasons. I didn’t like many of the fourth season episodes, which were an hour long. They drag on for too long. I watched The Big Bang Theory and some news before I fell asleep. I missed Tom Hanks on the Letterman show. I didn’t sleep peacefully because I was concerned about what was happening with my money. I wondered when Elizabeth Wenger was going to have her baby. It seems that her face has changed during the past year or two. I saw Vinita Nair on CBS This Morning in place of Gayle King. Some of the people who died on May 19 include T.E. Lawrence (1935), Booth Tarkington (1946), and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1994). Today is a birthday for Grace Jones (67) and Pete Townshend (70). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind segment for May 19, Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962. In 1965, Pete Townshend wrote “My Generation” on his 20th birthday. In 1989, “Road House” was released.

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