Sonny Gray’s 1.82 ERA

I went out to the office and worked on grades. I went to a meeting, and I was glad that they had some food there. I tried to buy Warriors tickets, but the website was swamped. For a few brief moments, I thought I might get something. I had to meet with a financial advisor. It was getting late in the afternoon. I went over to the record store and bought a Beatles record that had some Abbey Road tracks on it. I left for the Coliseum. I fell asleep for a few minutes, but awoke before the Fruitvale Station. The game didn’t attract as many Yankees fans as in years past. It was Jersey Day, but I decided that I didn’t have enough money for a new jersey, even with a 35 percent discount. Sonny Gray was very impressive through the first four innings, giving up only a walk to the game’s first batter. He takes the mound to the Beatles song “Come Together.” Vince Cotroneo declared on the radio that there was not a cloud in the sky, but I counted three, although they were low in the sky. On offense, the A’s did nothing in the first inning. In the second inning, they loaded the bases but did not score, but in the third inning, they broke through. Billy Burns doubled, and Marcus Semien followed with a single. Ben Zobrist hit a ground ball that the Yankees’ third baseman couldn’t pick up, and a run scored on error. Billy Butler doubled in one more run, and Stephen Vogt doubled to produce two more runs. The third inning ended with the score 4-0. In the fourth inning, Sonny Gray gave up his first hit of the game, which unfortunately was a home run. In the fifth inning, a double, a wild pitch, and a ground out produced the Yankees’ second run. From the fourth through the seventh innings, the A’s managed only two singles, one each from Vogt and Phegley. We saw another Big Head race. Rollie Fingers was the fastest of the Big Heads. I don’t know if Dennis Eckersley will ever win again. Sonny Gray got through the eighth inning with help from Brett Lawrie, who made a good defensive play. Andy Parrino replaced Marcus Semien at shortstop to play defense. Semien had made two bad throws to first base, although neither was an error because of Vogt’s glove. The crowd got nervous every time Semien fielded a ball. In the bottom of the inning, Vogt drew a walk and Lawrie followed with a home run for two insurance runs. The score was 6-2, and the game was looking like a win for the home team. Fernando Rodriguez came in to pitch the top of the ninth inning. We heard “Money for Nothing” before Alex Rodriguez came up to bat, and the song seemed like it was chosen as a comment on his high salary. He did manage a single. Fernando Rodriguez struck out the next batter, and then got a force out. After another single, Bob Melvin came out to give Tyler Clippard the chance for a save. This time Clippard didn’t prolong the inning, getting the ball out with a fly ball to first, ending the game. The A’s had won five out of their last seven games. The game began at 7:07 and ended at 9:56. Attendance was 23,540. Brett Lawrie’s second two-run home run in two nights was encouraging. It seems that there are several trade rumors involving the A’s. Fewer Yankees fans were out in the stands for this game, perhaps because players like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter were gone. Those players out on the field didn’t seem like Yankees. These Yankees didn’t seem too imposing. During the game, “Call Me Maybe” was the tune for Name That Tune, and we saw some kids participating in an advertisement for “Inside Out.” I was reminded of how much my brother liked Pixar movies. I thought about buying something to eat before heading home, but I didn’t want to walk around out in the cold. I saw U2 on the Jimmy Fallon show. Being out there in the stadium was tiring. It was a payday, so I felt better about my bank balance. The sports highlights showed Stephen Curry at the Giants game wearing a Giants cap, which was highly annoying because the A’s were playing at the Coliseum at the same time. This morning I saw the episode of Goober and the Ghost Chasers called “The Ghost Ship.” I saw a guest on CBS This Morning talk about summer movies. The box office numbers for this Memorial Day weekend were the lowest since 2001. People apparently weren’t excited about “Tomorrowland.” The latest Woody Allen film with Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone is supposed to be good. I think I would like to catch “San Andreas” on Monday, and also watch “Tomorrowland” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” again. I saw a segment on the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts. Lyle Lovett and Tom Jones were two of the performers. It was something different and interesting. The Districts played a couple of songs. It was not a morning that made me feel anxious to go out to work. Some of the people who died on May 30 include Milton Bradley (1911), Wilbur Wright (1912), Dooley Wilson (1953), Boris Pasternak (1960), Claude Rains (1967), and Sun Ra (1993). Today is a birthday for Wynonna Judd (51), Tom Morello (51), and Gale Sayers (72). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for May 40, The Beatles had the Number One single in 1964, “Love Me Do.” In 1968, The Beatles began recording The White Album. In 1978, Led Zeppelin began recording their final album, “In Through the Out Door.” In 1992, Paul Simon married Edie Brickell.

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