Jesse Chavez’s 2.11 ERA

I got a phone call from my mother, and I talked with her for a while about Elizabeth Taylor. I got frustrated with Word and read-only documents. I bought some groceries at Trader Joe’s, then headed to the BART station to take me to the Coliseum. I looked at the display of game-used caps and saw that Ike Davis wore my hat size. I had to sit next to a Giants fan who couldn’t keep his leg still. I don’t understand why some people childishly cannot sit still. A girl who might have been Eric Sogard’s niece sang the national anthem. Some people saw me and recognized me and said hello before and after the game, like the usher and the couple who sat in front of me and a former co-worker. The Giants fan next to me annoying cheered every time the Yankees did something. The loudest fan in the stadium sat in the row behind me. Did he come to this game to watch the game or to talk for three hours? He called all the Yankees players “garbage,” and he yelled at the ballboy for throwing a ball to a Yankees fan. We heard John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” as the A’s players took the field. Jesse Chavez got into some trouble in both of the first two innings. He gave up two singles in both innings, but he worked out of the jams. Josh Reddick helped him out by catching a line drive and throwing to first base for a double play. Meanwhile, Billy Burns continued to be impressive by hitting a single in first inning. The A’s threatened to score in the second inning as Reddick reached third base, but Semien and Sogard made outs. In the third through eighth innings, Chavez allowed only three innings, with none of the Yankees reaching second base. In the fourth inning, we saw Klay Thompson sitting a few rows behind the A’s dugout. He wasn’t acting like he had suffered a concussion. We saw an advertisement for “Inside Out,” and the Big Head race had Rollie Fingers again running past Rickey Henderson for the win. I’m convinced that Rollie can win every race if he wanted to. In the third through fifth innings, the A’s did nothing on offense except for Reddick’s single. They finally score the first runs of the game in the sixth inning. Burns got his second hit of the game, and he stole second base and third base. Zobrist couldn’t drive in the run, but Stephen Vogt followed with a home run to make the score 2-0. The A’s scored an insurance run in the eighth inning. Burns again singled, and Zobrist followed with another single, allowing Burns to get to third base. Vogt hit a sacrifice fly to make the score 3-0. Vogt had all three RBI for the A’s, and he scored one of the runs. Burns scored both of the other runs, and he had three hits. Tyler Clippard came in to pitch the top of the ninth inning. He hasn’t had too many easy innings so far this year. He certainly hasn’t reminded me of Dennis Eckersley. Clippard gave up a single to the first batter he faced, and it was on a 1-2 pitch. After getting an out to centerfield, Clippard allowed a walk, so suddenly the tying run was at home plate. The Yankees sent out a pinch-hitter, but Clippard got the strikeout with three pitches. Clippard got the last out of the game on a ball that Vogt caught. The game began at 1:07 and ended at 3:28. Attendance was 25,457. I like games that come in at less than two and a half hours. Jesse Chavez lowered his ERA to 2.11. The Braves came back to beat the Giants for the second straight day. I checked my message for replies about people being my beneficiaries. I went home to get something to eat. I browsed through the record store and bought a mono vinyl copy of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” I listened to the Robert Hilburn Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN. He played songs by Pete Seeger and Bob Seger. The songs that I liked were “Turn, Turn, Turn,” “Guantanamera,” “Hollywood Nights,” and “Night Moves.” Kim Cattrall was on the episode of Columbo, titled “How to Dial a Murder,” which revolved around two Dobermans and the word “Rosebud.” Two of the movies on television were “Sabrina” and “The Paleface.” I miss people like Audrey Hepburn, Bob Hope, and Jane Russell. I read that “San Andreas” was the top movie of the weekend and did more business than expected. Some of the people who died on June 1 include James Buchanan (1868), Lizzie Borden (1927), Leslie Howard (1943), Helen Keller (1968), David Ruffin (1991), Hank Ketcham (1991), and Joseph Strick (2010). Today is a birthday for Alanis Morissette (41), Ronnie Wood (68), and Morgan Freeman (78).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for June 1, The Beatles released their album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in 1967.  In 1984, the sequel “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” was released.  Also in 1984, Sergio Leone’s last film, “Once Upon a Time in America,” was released.

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