Tomorrowland, Calvary, Song of the Sea

I went over to the office and said hello to the security guards. I became one of Caitlyn Jenner’s Twitter followers. There were already two million of them. I cleaned up the bookshelves a bit, and then I took the buses over to Jack London Square. A lot of the people going into the theatre were there for “San Andreas,” but I was there to see “Tomorrowland” again. I thought Casey was not the most likeable heroine. The whole revelation at the end was something of a letdown, too. I kept thinking about the Eiffel Tower. You’d think that someone would notice the unusual structure, or what was underneath it. I don’t know what kind of a statement Casey was making by wearing that John Lennon T-shirt. There were some interesting twists on movie formulas with the Athena character. It did make for some uncomfortable moments with George Clooney, however. I went out to a Target store to buy light bulbs. They definitely weren’t like the ones I grew up using. I saw that the Emeryville shuttle bus driver was not very thoughtful. I got home and ate lunch and watched “Calvary” on DVD. I appreciated it a little more the second time around. I didn’t see why Father James shot the gun. It wasn’t the type of movie that I would chose to see for a weekend. I generally don’t want to sit around watching an examination of moral issues. I always wonder how they do scenes with dead animals. I also had to wonder how they handled the burning building. Father James had to deal with a lot in this community. I could identify with him to a large extent. One thing I appreciated about the movie was the uncompromising ending. I found it hard to understand some of the dialogue. We are Americans here. The movie was Brendan Gleeson’s show. I think the only other actor I recognized was M. Emmet Walsh. John Michael McDonagh was the director, and he also worked on “The Guard,” which I remember not too clearly as a pretty good movie. I think I would argue about the choice of the last shot of the movie. I also watched “Song of the Sea” again. I really liked the animation, but some of the elements of the story weren’t great. I thought the conflict between the brother and sister really rang true, but it got to be too much in those early moments. How can we really root for a boy whose behavior borders on the sadistic? The father was so negligent that I had no confidence in the future of these characters. They might become victims of a murder suicide in the months to come. Things got tricky as one of the characters didn’t speak. I think my favorite character was the dog, who was loyal and brave and essential to the story. I felt deeply tired and fell asleep. When I awoke, “Peyton Place” was on television. I saw a shot of a Greyhound bus departing. I saw Russ Tamblyn looking younger than he did in “West Side Story.” Lorne Greene was the district attorney. The movie seemed to have a lot of juicy ingredients. The next movie was “The Last Tycoon,” which I saw not too long ago. It’s rather hard for me to believe that people like Tony Curtis and Robert Mitchum are now dead. Theresa Russell was a young girl back then. Robert De Niro was asleep during an earthquake. There aren’t too many movies about making movies that I like, other than “Day for Night,” “The Stunt Man,” and “The Artist.” “Sleuth” will be shown on Friday. I had a difficult time finding it for a reasonable price on DVD for a very long time. It brings back a lot of memories when I see it. It was certainly a movie that stayed in my mind over the years. The memory of Michael Caine in it is still strong. I noticed that my television was picking up an extra channel, 2.4. I was feeling better that I wasn’t spending the summer teaching classes. I thought about my investments and hoped they would turn out positively so that I wouldn’t have to work until I drop dead. On nights like last night, I missed David Letterman. Jimmy Kimmel had the spelling bee champions on his show, but I did not stay up to watch them. They had names that every news anchor in America mispronounced. The champions used to enjoy appearing on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, but now they’re forced to compete against Kimmel. It looked like Ed O’Neill was in the episode of Miami Vice that was shown at eleven o’clock. He was definitely a different man from what we see now in “Modern Family.” The guest stars of Fantasy Island were Henry Gibson, Jane Powell, John Schuck, and Mabel King. I could never stand watching this program. I just wanted to stay up until the beginning of “The Avengers.” They were now into the Tara King episodes, and this one was “Get-A-Way!” . I don’t know what Linda Thorson did after the show ended. I thought about going to see the movie “Spy.” Does it seem from the trailer that it will be funny? I’m annoyed that the radio station 103.7 FM is playing more music from the 1980s, like “Walking On Sunshine.” We’re hearing less of the classics and more crap. How much listenable new music has been played on the radio over the past twenty years? My contention is that it hasn’t been much. One of the Eddie Money songs made me wish we could get more of the glory days of Phil Spector. I think I don’t ever want to hear Journey’s “Lights” ever again. I’m sick of seeing Buster Posey in those Toyota commercials. He is worse in them than Peyton Manning was in his commercials. I kept thinking that I’d like to go back to The Coffee Mill and order a hamburger. Some of the people who died on June 3 include Georges Bizet (1875), Johann Strauss (1899), Roberto Rossellini (1977), Anthony Quinn (2001), Leon Askin (2005), David Carradine (2009), and Rue McClanahan (2010). Today is a birthday for Anderson Cooper (48) and Suzi Quatro (65). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for June 3, the sequel “Psycho II,” with Anthony Perkins and Vera Miles, was released in 1983. In 2009, David Carradine died of asphyxiation at age 72 in his hotel room in Bangkok. In 2011, James Arness died at age 88 at his home in Brentwood.

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