Sonny Gray’s Hard-Luck Loss

I went out in a cloudy morning to the office to look up financial information. I had to wait for a phone call about setting up an account. I should have gone grocery shopping, but instead I sat around watching DVDs. I watched “The Maze Runner” and “The Book of Life” again. I thought the acting in “The Maze Runner” was terrible. I liked the colors in “The Book of Life.” I went out to the BART station and made my way to the Coliseum. Hardly anyone showed up for this game because a Warriors game was on television at the same time. I just took my seat instead of buying a hot dog. They showed the Warriors game on the scoreboard. It was Korean Heritage Night, and we draw drummers on the field. Sonny Gray was pitching for the A’s. He allowed a triple and a single in the third inning that produced the Rangers’ first run of the game. He allowed a runner to reach third base in both the fourth and fifth innings, but he escaped those situations. He gave up a monstrous home run in the sixth inning, which made the score 2-0. Francisco Rodriguez pitched the seventh inning and got two outs. Drew Pomeranz got the third out, and he pitched the eighth inning, keeping the score at 2-0. One of the most interesting sights during this game was Pat Venditte warming up on the bullpen mound. He is the switch-pitcher we have heard so much about. He pitched the ninth inning, which was the only clean inning the A’s pitchers would have all night, although he did get help with good catches from Phegley and Zobrist. The A’s got only one hit through the first six innings. Josh Reddick led off the fourth inning, but Zobrist, Vogt, and Butler all made outs, so no runs came from the hit. The A’s loaded the bases without a hit in the fifth inning, but they couldn’t take advantage of the situation. In the middle of the sixth inning, the Warriors score was final, and so there was a bit of depression that affected the crowd at that point. The A’s finally scored a run in the eighth inning when Zobrist doubled and Vogt brought him in with a single. The play at home plate was reviewed, and Zobrist looked safe. We didn’t get a Big Head race before the seventh inning. During the seventh inning stretch, we heard “Hey Ya!” Kara Tsuboi gave away Alameda County Fair tickets and coupons for bacon. In the late innings, we left a few raindrops coming down. With a last chance in the bottom of the ninth inning, Mark Canha hit a ball that the Rangers’ right fielder caught. Eric Sogard grounded out to third. Marcus Semien managed a single, but then Billy Burns made the last out of the game with an infield fly. The game started at 7:07 and ended at 10:07. Attendance was 14,617. The A’s have poor records in one-run games and home games. It was a triple dose of bad news for sports on this night. The Warriors lost, the A’s lost, and the Giants had a no-hitter. I skipped the burrito from La Burrita and just went home. I saw Chris Pratt on the Kimmel show. We saw one of his early publicity shots. He said that his mother was sixty years old. I think that I will go out to see “Jurassic World” this weekend. Some of the people who died on June 10 include Spencer Tracy (1967), William Inge (1973), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1982), Elizabeth Hartman (1987), Louis L’Amour (1988), Richard Quine (1989), Jo Van Fleet (1996), and Ray Charles (2004). Today is a birthday for Elizabeth Hurley (50) and Gina Gershon (53). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for June 10, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John reached Number One on the singles chart with “You’re the One That I Want” in 1978. In 1988, “Poltergeist III” was released. In 1991, Eddie Kendricks was arrested for missing child support payments while he was attending David Ruffin’s funeral in Detroit. In 2007, the last episode of “The Sopranos” was aired on HBO.

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