Jurassic World

I went out to work. A couple of people talked to me about the basketball game. Later, someone talked with me about Nintendo video games. The suggestion was that I should play Super Mario Galaxy 2. I was offered extra hours of work, but I didn’t want any of it. I am rich now, so I don’t need to strive for bigger paychecks. I saw that someone had a DVD copy of Maximilian Schell’s “The Pedestrian.” I took the buses out to the Grand Lake Theater, although I stopped along the way to have a turkey sandwich at The Coffee Mill. I bought a ticket and went into the theater. I was the first one inside, and I took a seat and fell asleep for a while. Quite a few people were there to see “Jurassic World.” The idea of even one sequel to “Jurassic Park” was totally ridiculous. This movie followed two brothers traveling to the park, and their aunt, who runs the place. Chris Pratt was the big star of the movie. He was the one human who seemed to understand the animals. The movie would have nothing to it if the dinosaurs didn’t go crazy and start killing people. The security measures they had were clearly not enough. I thought Chris Pratt was amusing, but I would not describe him as a “badass.” I found it hard to believe that the dinosaurs could have been so intelligent. They were more intelligent than the two kids. They disobeyed the rules by not ending their ride when they were supposed to. One of the brothers was self-absorbed and oblivious, and I wouldn’t have minded seeing the dinosaurs chew him up. Is it possible to get a jeep started when it’s been sitting around for twenty years? I would have thought that someone would have cleared away all that old stuff. I got tired of seeing the CGI world of this story. I would say that the extras did a terrible job of acting. I saw one man pick up his drinks in the middle of a crowd panic. Many of the people didn’t really look scared. The audience enjoyed the ending of the movie. A lot happened, and it was almost all predictable. It seemed that there was too much death in this movie. Some of the characters met with a vicious end, and I didn’t like seeing what happened to Claire’s assistant. Claire was supposed to be a cold and distant woman, and Owen was the man to loosen her up. Somehow, I didn’t like that part of the story too much. I would describe “Jurassic World” as being better than expected, though I expected something very bad. I missed the Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough characters, and even Laura Dern. “Jurassic Park” is my favorite dinosaur movie, although I did like seeing dinosaurs in an episode of The Twilight Zone. I felt like this one had a glut of dinosaurs. I thought the world was going to come to an end after the aviary accident. I kept thinking about how much the insurance on this place would cost. Also, the admission had to be sky high. I would not go to such an amusement park. I was reminded about the people who drive through those places with lions and are foolish enough to leave their windows open. After the movie ended, I took the buses back. I was too late to visit the record store and see if they had Beatles 45s. I saw the James Earl Jones episode of The Big Bang Theory. I kept thinking about how old Carrie Fisher looked. I watched the Partridge Family episode “The Forty Year Itch.” Ray Bolger was there. Danny wore unusual pants. Tracy looked like she was distracted by something off camera in one shot. I watched “The Birds.” The Blu-ray edition looked impressive. I’ll always remember Tippi Hedren in her green outfit. Edith Head couldn’t give her variety because Melanie had to wear the same clothes for most of the movie. Some of my favorite shots were of Melanie’s drive from San Francisco to Bodega Bay. The dialogue gave some disparaging comments about this setting, where I am set to go this morning. I saw Chris Pratt on this morning’s Today show. He talked about the tech fatigue that the people of today have in their minds. He said that “Parks and Recreation” was fun to do. It was a ten-minute drive for him to get to work on the show. Dylan Dreyer said that she was going out to see “Jurassic World.” I saw the news about David Grohl breaking his leg and continuing with his show. I didn’t hear the Beatles morning program on 103.7 FM. I heard Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop.” There was also Blondie’s “Call Me.” Some of the people who died on June 13 include Benny Goodman (1986), Geraldine Page (1987), Fran Allison (1989), Tim Russert (2008), and Jimmy Dean (2012). Today is a birthday for Ally Sheedy (53), Hannah Storm (53), Tim Allen (62), Richard Thomas (64), and Malcolm McDowell (72). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for June 13, “Fiddler on the Roof” won a Tony Award for Best Musical in 1965. In 1970, the Beatles’ “Let It Be” album was Number One on the album chart. Also in 1970, “The Long and Winding Road” was Number One on the singles chart. In 1989, a jury in Los Angeles acquitted Michael Jackson on ten counts of child molestation.

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