On CBS Sunday Morning, I saw a segment about Helen Mirren. I got a phone call from my parents, who said they were going to visit my brother’s grave. I sat outside with my computer and sent some messages out. I took the bus out to Jack London Square and got my breakfast from the crepes stand. A lot of people were in line to see “Jurassic World.” They didn’t have any tickets for “Entourage” until the late afternoon. I decided that was OK with me because I didn’t want to see “Spy” again. I bought my ticket and left for Best Buy. After browsing around, I bought a pair of Skullcandy ear buds and the Blu-ray edition of “Hair.” I actually wanted “The Grapes of Wrath,” as was advertised in the Sunday paper, but I couldn’t find a copy of it. I continued on home, where I did my laundry while listening to the A’s game. They managed to score some runs for Sonny Gray against the Angels. I went to two record stores and bought a Beatles album on vinyl, along with some 45s. I took a walk around the library, where someone recognized me, and then I headed back to Jack London Square. I was the first one to take a seat for the movie, though some others trickled in. I didn’t really like the whole Entourage thing, although I kept an eye out for celebrity cameo appearances. I would say that my favorites were Gary Busey, Jessica Alba, Martin Landau, and George Takei. I could not believe that this empty-headed young actor could direct a movie for the first time and produce anything decent. The half-brother looked familiar and made me think of Matt Dillon. I thought of the movie was a kind of 2015 update of Truffaut’s “Day for Night,” only lacking many of that film’s meaningfulness. We never got to see this movie that was supposed to be a masterpiece. Are we supposed to believe that Vince has talent without any evidence? There is a definite problem with movies that are about making movies. The audience that was watching this movie with me was mostly unresponsive. It was supposed to be based on Marky Mark’s life. I wonder if he has stupid friends. I have the feeling that I’m not going to like “Ted 2.” I didn’t find this movie as funny as “Spy” last week. I couldn’t get behind Vince. I thought that Billy Bob Thornton didn’t fit his role, especially after seeing him in “Bad Santa” many times. Robert Hilburn said that he liked “Entourage.” I couldn’t bring myself to agree with him on this one. It was 9:11 when I got out of the theater. I took the buses back home and thought only about getting to sleep. Some of the people who died on June 15 include Wes Montgomery (1968), Art Pepper (1982), Meredith Wilson (1984), Victor French (1989), Ella Fitzgerald (1996), and Hume Cronyn (2003). Today is a birthday for Ice Cube (46), Helen Hunt (52), and Jim Belushi (61).

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