Kendall Graveman’s Outstanding Seven Innings

I heard that the prison escape drama was over. I went out to the office to do a little work before getting through the rest of the day. I went over to Safeway but didn’t buy any sandwiches. I did get fruit. I went home to eat my late lunch before I headed for BART. I found checks in the mail that were worth a lot of money. When I got to the Coliseum, I headed straight for my seat. The evening was pleasant. The Colorado Rockies were not a big attraction, and attendance on this Monday night was light. The woman who sang the national anthem was Julianna Zobrist, Ben Zobrist’s wife. Kendall Graveman would have a very good night for the A’s, pitching seven innings without giving up a run. He got through the first inning allowing just a two-out walk. The game was pretty much decided in the bottom of the first inning. Billy Burns grounded out to second on the first pitch, but Stephen Vogt singled. Ben Zobrist struck out checking his swing, and he debated the call. Josh Reddick rescued the inning with a strong swing that sent the ball over the right field fence for two runs. Billy Butler singled, and Ike Davis followed with another two-run home run. Graveman allowed only one single in the second inning, and he had a clean third inning. He gave up two singles in the fourth inning, but a double played helped him out. In the bottom of the fourth inning, Billy Butler hit a home run to center. Before the fifth inning, Kara Tsuboi played Name That Tune with four fans. One of the women misidentified “Ice Ice Baby” as “U Can’t Touch This.” Graveman walked a batter, but he got out of the inning when Brett Lawrie caught a line drive and threw to first base to complete the double play. Graveman gave up two singles in the sixth inning as he approached 100 pitches on the night, but he continued to get those outs. We didn’t get a Big Head race before the seventh inning. Instead, we had a Chicken Dance segment. Graveman gave up a two-out single in the inning, and he seemed on the verge of leaving the game, but he got the last out on a fly ball to Reddick in right field. He threw 111 pitches, which match his high for the season. In the fifth through seventh innings, the A’s got scattered hits from Vogt, Davis, and Semien, but did not score. Before the eighth inning, Kara Tsuboi surprised us by introducing a couple who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. She hardly ever sticks around after the seventh inning stretch. Evan Scribner annoyed the crowd when he quickly gave up a run with a home run, making the score 5-1. He got a strikeout before giving up another hit. After a foul ball that Davis caught, Bob Melvin brought in Drew Pomeranz to face one batter. Pomeranz did get the strikeout for the third out. The A’s scored more runs in the bottom of the inning. Reddick walked with one out, and Butler followed with a double that scored the run, and Butler took third base on an error. Lawrie hit a ball that the Rockies’ right fielder dived for but couldn’t catch, going for a triple and another run. Sogard walked, but Semien made the last out on a fly ball to right, denying Billy Burns one last chance to get a hit in his 17th consecutive game. Despite the 7-2 score, Tyler Clippard went out to the mound for the top of the ninth inning. He walked the first batter, but got the first out on a ball that went to Reddick. A ground ball to the middle of the infield looked like an out and possibly a game-ending double play, but Semien committed the error to extend the game. Clippard, however, got a strikeout and a ground ball to second to end the game. After the bad weekend against the Royals, it was a good night. It was a 7-2 win. The game began at 7:08 with the temperature at 66 degrees, and it ended at 9:48. Attendance was 12,125. I did not see the Banjo Man, but we all saw a lot of seagulls flying about the stadium and even taking the field at one point. The fans were pretty happy on this night, although the Houston Astros won their game against the Royals. You just can’t count on getting any help from other teams. One of the interesting things about the Colorado Rockies is that their manager is former A’s player Walt Weiss. The radio announcers informed us that on this date in 1990, Dave Stewart pitched his no-hitter in Toronto. I listened to the postgame radio show, and then a Bobby Darin CD. I got home 53 minutes after the end of the game. I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 before the eleven o’clock news. I managed to win another star in that amount of time. I saw Jack Black on the Jimmy Fallon show. He talked about how his son ran up a $3000 bill playing a video game. Jimmy’s other guests were Melissa Rivers and Jeff Garlin. It didn’t seem that long ago when Joan Rivers did her show on Fox. Jeff Garlin seemed like he was struggling to be funny in his stand-up routine. The news this morning made the financial situation in Greece look very bleak. I heard that Chris Christie entered the presidential race. Some of the people who died on June 30 include Lillian Hellman (1984), Gale Gordon (1995), Chet Atkins (2001), and Buddy Hackett (2003). Today is a birthday for Mike Tyson (49) and David Alan Grier (59). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for June 30, the Jackson family announced that they were leaving Motown Records for Epic Records in 1975. In 1979, Anita Ward had the Number One single, “Ring My Bell.” In 1989, the Spike Lee movie “Do the Right Thing” was released. In 1995, “Apollo 13,” directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, was released. My choices for the Top 5 Biggest Jerks of June 2015 are: 5. Lew Wolff, 4. Joyce Mitchell, 3. Donald Trump, 2. David Eric Casebolt, and 1. Dylann Roof.

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