I tried to straighten out my eyeglass order, and I watched the students dealing with the end of summer school. I went over to the record store to buy the Beatles’ “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music” album, which I was glad to do because the price was only four dollars. I thought about buying the Charlize Theron triple feature of “Dirty Dancing,” “Splash,” and “Overboard,” but decided that it could wait for another day. I walked over to the bus stop to make my way to the Grand Lake Theatre. I decided that it was a good day to see “Ant-Man.” I rather liked it, although I thought there were numerous disadvantages to shrinking. Paul Rudd was the hero of the movie, although I couldn’t completely accept him in a physical role. I could see him getting punched. The sight of him getting help from all those ants was not so appealing. A superhero doesn’t really inspire awe if he can get crushed to death by a child’s foot. Michael Douglas looks like age and bad health is doing him in. I don’t see him as any kind of a scientific genius. Evangeline Lilly is the daughter. She reminded me of the woman in “Jurassic World.” I didn’t really like the part of the story about the ex-convict trying to be a hero to his young daughter. I didn’t like any seriousness when this whole movie is ridiculous. We see the San Francisco setting. Why does that keep happening in all these movies? A lot of the scenes made me think back to “Fantastic Voyage.” I don’t know if a daughter like the one in this movie exists in real life. Michael Peña didn’t have a great role. I kept thinking about him in “Crash.” They had him whistling “It’s a Small World.” I thought the bit with the toy train was funny. Maybe it was a bit too obvious, though. The funny parts are presented to us as if we’re all idiots. Stan Lee does make a cameo appearance, and there are two bits during and after the end credits. The movie was pretty fun, although I don’t know how Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd could keep things going in a sequel. It looked like Paul Rudd was showing some age. Michael Douglas went through some age reversal through CGI in the first part of the movie. I don’t think he looked like that in 1989, around the time of “The War of the Roses.” I guess that I would still go out to see “Ant-Man 2,” whenever it comes out. I don’t necessarily see Ant-Man becoming a big superhero, though. Some of the people who died on July 22 include Florenz Ziegfeld (1932), John Dillinger (1939), Carl Sandburg (1967), Manuel Puig (1990), and Estelle Getty (2008). Today is a birthday for Willem Dafoe (60), S.E. Hinton (67), Albert Brooks (68), Don Henley (68), Danny Glover (69), Bobby Sherman (72), George Clinton (74), Alex Trebek (75), and Louise Fletcher (81). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for July 22, “King Kong Escapes” was released in Japan in 1967. In 1977, “Orca” was released. In 1983, “Jaws 3-D” was released. Also in 1983, “Mr. Mom” was released.

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