Chris Bassitt’s First Four Batters

The movie ended before 1:30, so I hardly plenty of time to return home and get something to eat before heading to the Coliseum. I see that my copy of the Partridge Family Game. It gave me ideas of creating a different game based on the show. I watched an episode of Family Feud before I browsed through the record stores. I wasn’t dying to buy anything, so I headed over to the BART station. When I got in line at the stadium gate, I had to listen to someone talk about Babe Ruth and a lot of Yankees history. He said he went to a Washington Senators doubleheader in 1971. I was glad to get my Billy Martin button. Attendance was sparse because of the A’s recent losses and the trades that signal the giving up on the season. We heard that Brandon Moss had been traded. Roberta Gonzales threw out the first pitch. As it turned out, all the action as far as runs scoring would happen in the first inning. Chris Bassitt would get off to a tough start with the first four batters of the game, allowing hits to all of them, culminating in a home run for three runs. The reason that it wasn’t four runs is that one of the base runners was caught stealing on a 2-3-6-3 play. An error by Sam Fuld on a ball hit his way in left field didn’t help Bassitt. I could see from a far distance Fuld’s face turn red. After the home run, though, Bassitt got eight consecutive outs. A double play after a walk helped Bassitt in the fourth inning, and Stephen Vogt threw out a runner trying to steal second base in the fifth inning. Vogt committed a throwing error in the sixth inning, but Bassitt got out of that trouble with a fly ball and a strikeout. Bassitt had a clean seventh inning, before R.J. Alvarez and Fernando Abad got through the last two innings. Vogt threw out another base runner in the eighth. In the bottom of the first inning, Billy Burns led off with an infield single, and then he stole second base. Sam Fuld struck out, but then Josh Reddick, whose recent hitting has been described as “sizzling hot” by radio announcer Ken Korach, doubled to make the score 3-1. For the rest of the game, Fuld reached base on an error in the third inning, and Brett Lawrie draw a walk in the fourth inning, but that was all. The Cleveland pitcher finished up with sixteen consecutive outs. Fuld made the final out. It was a quick game, starting at 7:08 and ending at 9:23. Attendance was only 13,173. I went home as quickly as I could because I was hungry. I played some Super Mario Galaxy 2 and managed until gold star. I stayed up to hear what Christina Applegate would say about her movie. I looked over my list of the Biggest Jerks of July 2015: Mohammad Youseff Abdulazeez, Mark Estrada, Francisco Sanchez, Walt Palmer, John Russell Houser, Martin Martinez, Adrian Gonzalez, and Donald Trump.

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