Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

I woke up and watched the NUMB3RS episode “Atomic No. 33.” It seems that in every episode the F.B.I. arrests the wrong person before they find the right person. After sending out a photo of myself wearing my new eyeglasses, I got a comment that I looked like John Denver. The eyeglass frames were from the John Lennon Collection. I went over to Trader Joe’s and bought a few items before returning home. I watched the Partridge Family episode “Waiting for Bolero.” Keith was supposedly 17 years old, and Laurie had to make meatloaf for her home economics class. I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 until I won another gold star. I went out to take the buses out to the Grand Lake Theatre. I stopped by the Lakeview branch library for a few minutes first. I got to the theatre about a half hour before the first showing of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.” I managed to get a few minutes of nap time before the previews started. I think the movie I really wanted to see is the new Peanuts movie in November. Anyhow, this movie we all went to see was mostly what I expected, meaning that it had some big action sequences tied together with a plot in which nobody seems to know what’s going on except for Tom Cruise’s character and the villain. Cruise looked like he was doing some things that were dangerous, although with CGI you can’t tell what’s real. Cruise looked like he had been working out in preparation for this movie, and he looked like he could do action movies for years to come. I kept wondering if he had done something to his face. I don’t know why Simon Pegg is in this movie or the Star Trek movies. I think he seems out of place. He’s taking the place of Greg Morris. Was Martin Landau the one with the disguises? I don’t remember now. I liked seeing Alec Baldwin, who is versatile in going to comedy to drama. I’d rather watch him than Samuel L. Jackson. The whole bit with being underwater for more than three minutes was too hard to believe. In this movies, it seems routine that you can pull an unconscious person from the water and bring the person back from the brink. Also, car crashes are not fatal even when the car is trashed, and people can fall out of moving vehicles onto a hard surface without getting hurt. The plot was hard to follow and hard to understand because you didn’t know who was doing what. I hate it when a huge chunk of the story turns out to be only some sort of a test. I did like the motorcycle chase. I liked the idea of using a record store as a place to get an assignment. I noticed that one of the albums was by Human League. It appeared that the movie was a pretty good crowd pleaser. I liked it a bit more than I thought I would, but I missed the old days with Leonard Nimoy, Barbara Bain, Peter Lupus, and the others. Ethan didn’t have sex with anyone in the movie. I was thinking that was a Scientology thing with Tom Cruise. The best action of the year is still the Mad Max movie. Some of the people who died on August 1 include Frances Farmer (1970), Strother Martin (1980), Paddy Chayefsky (1981), Pola Negri (1987), and Marie Trintignant (2003). Today is a birthday for Dhani Harrison (37) and Chuck D. (55). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for August 1, “Rear Window” was released in 1954. In 1964, the Beatles had the Number One single, “A Hard Day’s Night.” Also in 1964, Johnny Burnette drowned in a boating accident. In 1977, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was released.

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