Jesse Chavez’s Tough Night

I went over to work. The toilets didn’t work. I had a conversation about guitars with the maintenance man. I went over to Safeway to buy some fruit. After I came work, I ate an enchilada and a salad and fell asleep for a while. I was slow to get up and check my mail. I found a letter from the NFL Super Bowl Ticket Office telling that they drew my name in the random drawing for tickets. I’ll be able to buy two tickets for the game in Santa Clara. I’ll have to go to the stadium on the day of the game with my credit card and driver’s license to pick up the tickets. I wonder if I should start making my plans. I watched TMZ Live because I wanted to see what their news about Charlize Theron was. It was about adopting a child. I went over to the BART station, and I got to the Coliseum before six o’clock. I wished that I had brought my radio with me. There was a family in the section to my left, and they were incredibly noisy with crying kids. Not too many people were anxious to see the Baltimore Orioles on a Monday night. Any momentum from the walk-off win on Sunday did not carry over to this game. Jesse Chavez did not have anything on his pitches. He kept getting hit very hard. He got the first batter of the game out, but then it was two singles and a home run. Chavez allowed one more hit before getting the third out. Chavez gave up a single in the second inning, but a double play aided him in keeping the score at 3-0. In the third inning, he allowed a walk and a double, making the score 4-0. In the fourth inning with one out, he gave up a walk and another home run to make the score 6-0. The game felt like it was over at 4-0, but it was almost certainly over now. After the home run, Chavez walked the next batter. He got the second out with a fly ball to center, but then gave up another single, prompting Bob Melvin to bring in Felix Doubrant, who got a strikeout. After the Dot Race, the A’s did manage to score a run in the bottom of the inning. Coco Crisp, back from his injury, got his second hit of the game, which actually doubled his total of hits for the season and nearly doubled his batting average. A ground ball advanced him to second base, and Ike Davis’ single scored him. Doubrant could hold the line, however, as he allowed the Indians to get a single and two doubles in the fifth inning, making the score 8-1. He managed a clean sixth inning, and he might have had a clean seventh inning if not for Brett Lawrie’s error. He gave up a third run in the eighth inning with a double and a single. The A’s got another run in the bottom of the inning when Eric Sogard singled, and Stephen Vogt doubled with two outs. For the second consecutive time, Billy Butler struck out with Vogt on second base. Evan Scribner pitched the top of the ninth inning and had a clean inning. In the bottom of the inning, Ike Davis struck out, Brett Lawrie flied out to right field, and Sam Fuld struck out to end the game. The game started at 7:08 and ended at 9:55. The game time temperature was 68 degrees, and the attendance was 11,476. Billy Burns, Billy Butler, and Sam Fuld all went 0-for-4 in the game, and Marcus Semien went 0-for-3. We heard songs like “You Really Got Me,” “Start Me Up,” and “Macho Man.” We saw a dance-off between Batman and a fan, and the crowd found Batman to be a disagreeable jerk and a bad dancer, so they booed him. Nobody could do a decent imitation of Michael Jackson, although they declared the winner of the segment to be an Asian guy with red hand puppets. Kara Tsuboi talked with a fan who gave a long-winded memory of Mark McGwire hitting a walk-off home run against the Red Sox. My favorite Mark McGwire memory was seeing him at the All-Star Game in 1987. We saw the Rally Possum in the top of the eighth inning, but it was far too late for him to make any difference. I wondered if I would have anything to look forward to besides Susan Slusser’s book signing this week. I got home at about 10:45. I played a bit of Super Mario Galaxy 2 but couldn’t win a star. I saw Adam Carolla on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It seemed that Carolla had children who did not appreciate the comfort of their lives. Carolla was promoting a new book, but it didn’t sound too appealing to me. James Cordon had William H. Macy and Don Cheadle for guests. Some of the people who died on August 4 include Hans Christian Andersen (1875), Melvyn Douglas (1981), Victor Mature (1999), and Little Milton (2005). Today is a birthday for Barack Obama (54), Billy Bob Thornton (60), and Richard Belzer (71). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for August 4, Robert Plant and his wife were injured in a car accident during a vacation in Greece in 1975. In 1980, John Lennon and Yoko Ono entered the New York City recording studio Hit Factory to begin work on the “Double Fantasy” album.

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