Derek Carr’s Shining Performance

I went out to work. Someone recommended to me the DVD of “The Holy Mountain.” Someone else asked me what Outside Lands was like. I looked to see the showtimes of “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and “Straight Outta Compton.” When my shift was done, I went out to buy grocery shopping. I watched the Partridge Family episode “My Heart Belongs to a Two-Car Garage.” Arte Johnson played a Russian painter. Laurie looked like she didn’t actually eat the eat breakfast. I also watched the NUMB3RS episode “When Worlds Collide.” I took BART out to the Coliseum, where I have a different seat for Raiders games this year. The fans were pessimistic about the chances of the team staying in Oakland past this season with the huge stadium deal in Carson. I had a better view of the Raider cheerleaders and the field, and the fans in this section were more civilized. One fan in front of me led cheers for every first down for the home team. More fans than I expected showed up for this game against the Rams. The field level seats were nearly full. During the team introduction, the Raiders’ rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper got a good amount of applause. I saw a few Rams fans wearing Eric Dickerson jerseys. There was a moment of silence for Ken Stabler, Art Powell, and Marv Hubbard, but football fans aren’t respectful of these sentimental moments. I’m not sure if they have a sense of history. The Rams scored first with a field goal, but the Raiders tied the score, and went ahead with a touchdown. Derek Carr looked good but made one big mistake with an interception in the end zone. The other quarterback would perform well, too. At halftime, we saw a weiner dog race. During the second heat, one of the dogs jumped the gun. In the third quarter, the Raiders scored a field goal. I didn’t know who these players in the second half were. In the fourth quarter, I thought about leaving. I was there for the last scoring play of the game, which was another Raider touchdown. I stuck around until a timeout during a drive where the Raiders were running time off the clock. I felt with about four minutes left. There was quite a crowd of people making their way to the BART station. The fans seemed pretty happy. I listened to the final minutes of the game on the radio. I got home around 10:30. I heard a news report on the radio this morning that said that the fans at the game last night were resigned that the team was going to leave the city after this season.

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