When I awoke this morning, I finished watching “Elysium.” It had some of the characteristics of “District 9,” with a messy future, a structure floating above the Earth, and robots. There was class separation, with the wealthy living in a space station, and everybody else stuck on the overpopulated, polluted Earth. The situation reminded me of “Wall-E.” Matt Damon was Max, who seemed like a relative of Mad Max. Jodie Foster was Delacourt, who is trying to keep all the scummy ordinary people from invading Elysium. She spoke in an odd and unconvincing accent. I’m not sure that Jodie Foster works with science fiction. “Contact” had its problems. I felt somewhat nauseous at the idea of Matt Damon as a martyr. The cliché about everything being about the next generation is present, in the form of a little girl with leukemia. I wasn’t too wild about the use of downloading and uploading data as suspense. Elysium had too much of that computer generated look to it. I couldn’t understand why the people there couldn’t share their medical equipment with the people below to at least placate them. I would rather live in comfort than in a place where you have to do dangerous things at your workplace. Max had a Karen Silkwood scene. There’s no sex in the movie, but the violence is strong, with explosions killing people and someone’s face getting messed up. There are some bad words that kids shouldn’t hear. Jodie Foster isn’t immune from the violence. I don’t know why she would stand so close to a very dangerous person. In the movies, people don’t know when to stop talking. Somehow, the rebooting of a computer system didn’t seem like something really dramatic that I would want to cheer about. When computers and machines are predominant, that’s what drama is supposed to be. The movie does appear to anticipate the growing use of drones. The year that this story takes place is 2154. Los Angeles looks pretty horrendous, but I would have thought it would be worse than the movie shows. There was no announcement that the Cubs hadn’t won the World Series in 246 years. I woke up this morning and saw the Today Weekend show crew trying to make s’mores. I looked at the Partridge Family marathon schedules. Notably missing were the episodes “Whatever Happened to Moby Dick?,” “Tale of Two Hamsters,” and “Don’t Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa,” all from the second season. I wondered why we weren’t getting a Man From U.N.C.L.E. marathon with the movie opening this weekend. Some of the people who died on August 15 include Will Rogers (1938), Artur Schnabel (1951), and René Magritte (1967). Today is a birthday for Jennifer Lawrence (25), Mike Connors (90), and Rose Marie (92).

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