Planet of the Apes

I watched some television before going out to activities in preparation for the new semester. They had eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I sat in the room for introductions and speeches, and during a break, I used an NFL web page to pay for my Super Bowl tickets. We had to do one of those annoying group activities as our lunches were held hostage. I had a turkey wrap with salad and a brownie. We had department meetings afterwards, where I picked up a textbook. I shopped for groceries and did my laundry. I watched Match Game before going to the record store, where I bought used copies of “I, Claudius” and “The Gold Rush.” I saw for the first time the Blu-ray edition of Truffaut’s “Day for Night.” I’m looking forward to seeing it one of these days. I went out to Flashback Feature night. I got a free bag of popcorn, which got cold before I could eat it all. The movie was “Planet of the Apes,” the 1968 classic with Charlton Heston rather than the 2001 Tim Burton remake. The special effects at the beginning were not great, but this movie was not of the Douglas Trumbull variety. I would have thought that the astronauts had better provisions than three days of food and water for an emergency. I really don’t know how they could do jumping into water without guarding their clothes and supplies. They were reckless and slow to react as the apes entered the scene. What was nearly hilarious was Taylor getting shot in the throat so that he couldn’t speak for a long time. Rod Serling worked on the script, and the movie remided me of at least three Twilight Zone episodes. There was one where a rocket ship lands in the desert. Another had an astronaut crash landing and meeting a woman. A third episode had a zoo with humans in cages. There were slow stretches at the beginning of the movie. The movie went over religion and suppressing scientific knowledge, like theories of evolution. You could also look at the story as a comment on racial prejudice, as people like Sammy Davis, Jr. apparently did. The ape makeup looked pretty good, although the mouths didn’t look quite right. Taylor was an argument for animal rights. Dr. Zaius was a real jerk. I read that Edward G. Robinson was set to play him, but he had health concerns. He would appear in a different science fiction with Charlton Heston, which was “Soylent Green.” I thought that Kim Hunter gave one of the best performances in “Planet of the Apes.” Her eys looked expressive throughout the movie. If the Forbidden Zone was so forbidden, then why did Dr. Zaius and his soldiers go straight in there? Cornelius and Zira could not have been too start to think that Zaius would do anything but toss them in jail. I wondered where Taylor got that shaving cream at the end. Apes don’t shave. The last scene was not photographed or edited to maximum effect. I don’t know why Zaius let Taylor go. I wonder what happened during that time when Taylor was asleep on the ship. The apes certainly didn’t do any better than the humans on this world. They were brutal and stupid. If Zaius wanted to eliminate Taylor, he could have done it immediately. The apes certainly wasted their food in throwing it at Taylor. I kept thinking how much these sets cost. Cornelius’ nephew really seemed like an incompetent fool. The movie looked very good on the movie screen. I read that Ingrid Bergman turned down the role of Zira and regretted it. Raquel Welch was considered for the part of Nova. It was too much like something she’d already done before. It was fun to see this movie again. It brought back memories. Two of the people who died on August 21 were Leon Trotsky (1940) and Robert Moog (2005). Today is a birthday for Kim Cattrall (59) and Kenny Rogers (77).

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