The Holy Mountain

I felt drained from the hot day and was reluctant to get up in the morning. I didn’t get much work done. I stopped after a while and took the buses over to the Grand Lake Theatre to see the Shaun the Sheep Movie again. A father brought along his young son, who kept crying, “I’m scared” through most of the movie. Perhaps I’ll give this movie one last try, if it’s still around in a week or two. When I got back home, I decided to get some chores done. I went out to do my laundry. While it was in the dryer, I went into the record store and bought the Blu-ray discs of “Excalibur” and “Hello, Dolly!” I went out to Trader Joe’s for a tuna wrap, strawberries, and yogurt. I watched the Partridge Family episode “Promise Her Anything But Give Her a Punch.” What did Danny do with all those boxes of cookies? I bet that Laurie didn’t eat any of them. I then watched “The Holy Mountain,” the film by Alejandro Jodorowsky. It was reminiscent of Pasolini. Why do these directors pay attention so much to food, feces, and nudity? I felt sorry for the toads that gave their lives to one scene. The humor wasn’t so funny, except maybe for the angry midget who was missing his arms. This succession of weird images brought to mind Luis Buñuel. I have never seen “El Topo.” I didn’t learn anything by watching “The Holy Mountain.” I’ve seen movies like this before, so I wasn’t shocked. I kept thinking about all the strawberries and cake that was wasted in filming this movie. This was an expensive foreign movie in its day. The money that was sunk into this production could have been used in much better ways. I wondered why the invasive touching of women was a persistent image. Extreme film like this are not to my taste. I’d much rather seeing something agreeable and entertaining. I can’t stand statement movies. I didn’t like the ending much. It was telling us that nothing we saw was real. That seems to mean that we wasted the last two hours watching the movie. The ending actually reminded me of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”  What did John Lennon say about Jodorowsky? I guess that he was impressed with “El Topo” if he put up some production money. If George Harrison had been in the movie, would more people really have seen it? If Jodorowsky had made “Dune,” it would have been with Salvador Dali and Orson Welles. My impression is that it wouldn’t have been very good. Jodorowsky is now 86 years old. I watched the NUMB3RS episode “The Decoy Effect.” Charlie had to face Keith Carradine, who seemed miles away from his roles in “McCabe and Mrs. Miller” and “Nashville.” I was starting to miss Megan. Is there an ant invasion across the country? They have been persistent. I’ve heard about problems with fleas. They have been difficult to get rid of for dog owners. I heard a lot about New Orleans ten years after Hurricane Katrina. If I lost all my stuff in a flood, I would feel pretty terrible. I heard that Vin Scully will be back with the Dodgers next season. It seems that he’s doing better than my parents are. Ingrid Bergman was born 100 years ago today, and she died 33 years ago today. Some of the people who died on August 29 include Jimmy Reed (1976), Jean Hagen (1977), Ingrid Bergman (1982), Simon Oakland (1983), and Lee Marvin (1987). Today is a birthday for Rebecca De Mornay (56) and Elliott Gould (77). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for August 19, George Harrison joined John Lennon and McCartney in The Quarrymen in 1958. In 1966, The Beatles performed their last concert in Candlestick Park. In 1967, the last episode of “The Fugitive” aired. In 1970, Edwin Starr was Number One on the singles chart with “War.”

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