Derek Carr’s Interception

Visiting the library made me miss a Fremont train, which would lead to problems. The next train ridiculously had only five cars and so was packed with Raiders fans trying to get to the Coliseum. I found a seat, which would prove fortunate. We got delayed at the MacArthur station as we had to wait for another train. The boy sitting across from me was starting to get restless. Just as we were approaching the Coliseum station, we stopped. We were told that there was a backpack out on the track. It sure took them a long time to get rid of it. Were they afraid that it contained a bomb? The riders were getting extremely annoyed as five o’clock was approaching. We suddenly got going and reached the station at 4:39. Would I be able to get to my seat in twenty minutes? I did get to the gate in good time, but the security check was slow. Some people were trying to bring in bags that were too big. From the noise from the crowd, I thought I was missing the beginning of the game, but I reached my seat just a moment before the kickoff. What happened in the first half was a lot of field goals from the Raiders. Sebastian Janikowski kicked five of them. It seems that he’s been kicking for the team forever. The Raiders didn’t gain any yards with their rushing plays, and the radio announcers noted that the offensive linemen weren’t doing a good job of communicating with each other. Kahlil Mack played well, and Nate Allen had two interceptions. The Cardinals scored three points in the first half. With time running out before halftime, two fans were supposed to participate in a trivia game, but they took the opportunity to write out the words “Stay in Oakland” and show them to the camera. The stadium announcer just kept going, and security took the fans off the field. Fans applauded them. During halftime, we saw a marching band. A few of the girls with flags dropped them at times. The Raiders cheerleaders had a swimsuit calendar that was in the team store. Derek Carr seemed to be doing well in starting the second half, but then he made a poor decision with a pass to his left that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Most of the second half was bad for the home team, as the Cardinals kept scoring points. They would move ahead, 17-16, ten seconds into the fourth quarter. I stuck around for a while longer, but when the Cardinals scored another touchdown, I decided to leave. I listened to the rest of the game on the radio as I walked back to the BART station. The Raiders did manage to tie the score with a late touchdown, but they would lose, 30-23. I heard that the A’s manage to win in Arizona in 11 innings, as Marcus Semien got a big hit, and Pat Venditte got his first major league win. The Cubs got a no-hitter against the Dodgers in Dodger Stadium. As I approached home, I heard the news of the death of Wes Craven. I watched the end of the Columbo episode with Honor Blackman, called “Dagger of the Mind.”

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