Sonny Gray’s Six Early Runs

I went over to the office and worked on the quizzes that I would give to my classes. I left to go to the bus stop, and I made my way to the MacArthur BART station, where I caught a train to the Coliseum. I got to the stadium in good time and looked over the game-used items that were on sale. I noticed that Ike Davis had the same hat size as me. I’m not sure that I wanted one of his caps, however. I made my way to my seat and worked on my writing. I listened to Ken Korach say that the Angels had been doing badly in their recent road games. One of the local TV news people sang the national anthem. His voice sounded wobbly, but he didn’t stumble on “and the rockets’ red glare” like Carl Lewis. Sonny Gray changed his music from “Come Together” to “All Along the Watchtower,” which I blamed for his not winning his games recently. Ordinarily, with Sonny Gray pitching, the A’s would have been in a good position to win, but this was a day when he wasn’t at his best. For the first two innings, it was more like he was at his worst. When Gray gave up a single to the first batter of the game, it seemed like a bad sign, but then he proceeded to give up singles to the next three batters. After two ground ball outs, Gray allowed a fifth single. A wild pitch and Reddick’s throw that couldn’t be cut off contributed to the nightmare inning. At the end of it, the Angels had a 4-0 lead. Ken Korach said that sometimes Sonny Gray’s stuff is too good, which I think turned out to be not the case on this day. In the bottom of the inning, the A’s would come back to give the fans some hope. They scored three runs, with one run coming from a hit from Danny Valencia, and two more coming on a home run from Josh Phegley. However, Gray continued with his problems in the second inning. He allowed a walk before he made one of those mistakes on a 0-2 pitch to Albert Pujols which went over the fence for two more runs. Gray’s ERA had increased substantially. Gray did manage to get through three more innings. Meanwhile, Billy Butler missed a chance to score one more run for the A’s because he was slow of foot and couldn’t go from second to home on a hit. Neither team did anything in the seventh inning. Pat Venditte allowed a single in the eighth inning but got an out. Alvarez allowed a double that brought in one run and a single that also brought in one run for the Angels. In the bottom of the inning, Brett Lawrie hit a home run to make the score 8-4. In the ninth inning, Dan Otero pitched for the A’s, and he allowed a single and a double. The Angels scored their last run of the afternoon on a fielder’s choice. Fernando Abad had to come in to get the last two outs. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Josh Reddick flied out to center, and Marcus Semien singled. The game ended with Billy Burns grounding into a 5-4-3 double play. The game began at 12:38 and ended at 3:31. Attendance was 13,392. It was hard for the fans to be enthusiastic about a team that is on its way to losing 90 games. Sonny Grays’ ERA increased from 2.13 to 2.36 during the game. I picked up my things on got over to the BART station. Before I returned to work, I noticed that the line at Ici was short, so I went in and spent $4.75 for two scoops of ice cream. I thought of how John Travolta in “Pulp Fiction” said that four dollars was a lot to spend on a milk shake. The flavor I chose was lime meringue pie. It tasted pretty good, but I wouldn’t have ice cream there every day. At the end of our shift, we had to count some money, and we were short by nine dollars. I took the bus back home and stopped for a burger on my way. I caught one episode of Match Game and fell asleep during the second. After I awoke, I saw Amanda Peet on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and a commercial for “The Intern” with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. I didn’t want to see the news about the clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses. I was staying up because I wanted to see the report on the new Star Wars merchandise. I can hardly believe that people are watching videos of people unboxing these toys. I would like to spend some money on Star Wars items, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Juju Chang on Nightline before. Judd Apatow was on the James Corden show. I can’t believe that people think that he is funnier than me. James Franco isn’t funnier than me, either. Seth Rogen isn’t funnier than me. Jason Segel isn’t funnier than me. Amy Schumer is definitely not funnier than me. Nobody who has ever appeared in a Judd Apatow movie is funnier than me. Nobody in the world is funnier than me. Nobody who has ever lived is funnier than me. I tried to calm down and get some rest so that I could face my students for the last time this week. On Thursdays, I just want to reach that finish line so that I can get a little more sleep to face the next day. I listened to part of the “Revolver” album before I went to bed. Listening to “Here, There, and Everywhere” again gave me a little bit of comfort. Some of the people who died on September 3 include e.e. cummings (1962), Vince Lombardi (1970), and Frank Capra (1991). Today is a birthday for Charlie Sheen (50) and Valerie Perrine (72). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for September 3, the soap opera “Search for Tomorrow” debuted on CBS in 1951 and would conclude its run on television 35 years later on NBC. In 1967, the CBS television show “What’s My Line?” had its finale with John Charles Daly as a mystery guest. In 1971, Fleetwood Mac’s fifth album, “Future Games,” was released.

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