California 73, Grambling State 14

I woke up late and watched CBS This Morning for the chef segment. Tim Love’s signature dishes include: Roasted garlic stuffed beef tenderloin with western plaid hash and syrah demi-glaze, burnt carrots, mushroom oatmeal, ancho chili chocolate cake, farro congee, and a tequila old fashioned. After doing my laundry, I checked the Internet for the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend. The Top 10 songs from September 3 1977 were “Telephone Line,” “Strawberry Letter 23,” “Don’t Stop,” “Just a Song Before I Go,” “Float On,” “Handy Man,” “Easy,” “(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher,” “I Just Want to Be Your Everything,” and “Best of My Love.” I listened to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and headed to the stadium. There was a big crowd of people trying to enter the building. I got to my seat and was glad to see that there wasn’t a camera blocking my view. We heard a loud “California Love” before the kickoff. The home fans tamper with the national anthem, substituting “blue” for “red” and “Bears” for “brave.” Grambling State was not supposed to give California much of a contest, and nothing unexpected happened. California scored five touchdowns in the first quarter. I was sitting at the far end of the stadium from where that action was happening. The California cheerleaders were running across the field after every score with letter banners that spelled out “SRAEB.” It seemed that they needed an extra practice or someone to observe them. The cannon on the hill was constantly going off. The last touchdown came with the time running out on a pass that the Grambling quarterback threw to avoid a safety. It was intercepted and went for the California score. The game was rough on the Grambling players. The second quarter showed a slight letup, with California settling for a field goal on one drive, but still score 17 more points. The first half ended at about 3:45, and I had had enough. The Grambling State marching band was a big attraction, but I still wanted to leave because I had a baseball game to go to. After I made my way outside, someone said me if she had missed the band. I said that they were still playing. Sitting out in the sun for two hours had made me thirsty. I listened to the game on the radio. After I had changed my shirt and had a drink of water, the score was 59-0. The BART station was crowded. A lot of people were going to get off at the 19th Street station to transfer to buses to San Francisco. Grambling scored their last points on a long touchdown run. Joe Starkey compared the play to something out of a cartoon. The final score was 73-14. I had arrived at the Coliseum and was ready to switch gears. I didn’t regret missing the Grambling State band because I had seen the USC Marching Band, which had appeared on Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk.” Some of the people who died on September 6 include Edmund Gwenn (1959), Margaret Sanger (1966), Ernest Tubb (1984), Tom Fogerty (1990), Akira Kurosawa (1998), and Luciano Pavarotti (2007). Today is a birthday for Michael Winslow (57), Jane Curtin (68), Swoosie Kurtz (71), and Jo Anne Worley (78).

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