Felix Doubront’s Terrible Two Innings

I rode the 1 bus to the MacArthur BART station and took a train to the Coliseum. I looked through the team stores and saw that everything was on sale at 25% off. I was looking for a road cap in my size. I took my seat and listened to Chris Townsend on the radio. Susan Slusser was his guest, and she talked about Barry Zito and the prospects for improvement for 2016. She said that her views may be Pollyanna-ish, and she also said that she had no book signings planned. We had a moment of silence for Yogi Berra. Ken Korach at various times during the game repeated some of his sayings. He thought that they were all spontaneous except for “I want to thank everyone for making this day necessary.” Felix Doubront was the A’s starting pitcher, and he started well, getting the first out of the game with one pitch and having a clean first inning. He did go to a 3-2 count on the third batter, which may have been a slight indication of what was to happen later. He gave up a double with two outs in the second inning, and a walk in the third inning, but the score remained 0-0 going to the bottom of the third inning. Doubront did catch the runner between first and second base for the first out in that third inning. The A’s did nothing on offense in the first two innings. We noticed that Josh Reddick’s walk-up song was “Careless Whisper.” We saw a highlight for This Date in A’s History of Jose Canseco stealing his 40th base in 1988. In the bottom of the third inning, we heard Brett Lawrie’s walk-up song, Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.” He walked, and Eric Sogard and Carson Blair both singled, with Blair’s hit bringing in the game’s first run. Billy Burns put down a sacrifice bunt, but the next three batters didn’t drive in any more runs. Mark Canha hit a soft line drive to second, Reddick walked, and Danny Valencia struck out. Doubront got a strikeout to start the fourth inning, but a misjudgment by Stephen Vogt on a ground ball to his right led to a string of hits. Three consecutive singles and a home run made the score 4-1. Reddick made an error trying to get to a ball and throw to second base. Doubront gave up one more hit before getting the third out. The A’s responded in the bottom of the inning by doing nothing. Kara Tsuboi played Name That Tune with two fans, and the song was the terrible “Shake It Off.” Perhaps the Rangers were smelling blood. Doubront allowed a double to start the inning, and Reddick committed his second error of the game, allowing the runner to take third base. After a walk, Doubront gave up a monster home run, making the game a hopeless cause at 7-1. Doubront got the next two batters out, but Bob Melvin brought in Arnold Leon, who caught an infield fly for the third out. The A’s weren’t able to score in the bottom of the inning. Billy Burns hit a triple with two outs. It looked like it might be an inside-the-park home run briefly, but Burns retreated, leaving the Rangers’ catcher tagging an empty space. Leon got through the sixth inning cleanly. After we saw several kids showing their swings on the Big Cut Cam, Reddick hit a home run to make the score 7-2. Valencia followed with a single, but then Vogt, Butler, and Lawrie all made outs. Butler did drive the ball to the wall, however. In the Big Head race, it looked like Rollie Fingers and Dennis Eckersley ran into each other, allowing Rickey Henderson to win by a big margin. Rickey had 16 wins for the year, with Rollie at 23 and Eck at 12. There are only four home games left for the season. Leon got through another inning, giving up only a walk. A double play accounted for the second and third outs. During the seventh inning stretch, we heard “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” Eric Sogard started the bottom of the inning with his first home run since August of last year, making the score 7-3. Blair, Burns, and Canha followed with outs, however. Daniel Coulombe pitched the top of the eighth and had a clean inning. The A’s got only a walk with one out from Valencia in the bottom of the inning. R.J. Alvarez came in for the top of the ninth inning. I can’t recall when I’ve seen him pitch well. His ERA was 10.06 to start the night. He gave up a quick home run, making the score 8-3. He fielded a ground ball and threw to first for the first out, but then after a walk, a double, and a single, the score was 10-3. Sean Doolittle had been warming up, but the game was so out of hand that Melvin just left Alvarez in there. He did manage to get the next two batters out. Ken Korach said that it was frustrating to see someone with as good an arm as Alvarez be so inconsistent with his pitch, but I’ll have to say that Alvarez has been consistent – consistently bad. The A’s went down quietly in the bottom of the inning. Sam Fuld came in to pinch-hit for Blair, but he made the last out of the game. The game started at 7:08 with a game time temperature of 68 degrees, and it ended at 10:00. Attendance was 16,445. Canha, Vogt, and Butler did not reach base safely during the game. I thought the game must have been painful for Butler, since his fly ball was caught, while Sogard’s fly ball went for a home run. Butler’s slow feet led to another out. I took the day off work to see this mess of a game, though I’d rather go to a bad baseball game than be at work. I hurried home. I tried to watch Stephen Colbert but I couldn’t.

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