Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

I left for the office and worked on my writing. I shopped for groceries before taking the bus out to see “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.” I’m tired of these movies that show young people dealing with a post-apocalyptic world. I think there were only three people I recognized in the cast, and they were Patricia Clarkson, Giancarlo Esposito, and Lili Taylor. Did the girl who played Teresa look different in the first movie? I was glad about two things. First, we didn’t have to look at that maze again in this movie. Second, that kid who was in charge of everything in the first movie wasn’t around for this one. There was a lot of action in this film, which is better than having to sit through explanations of what the world order was. The director sure made those kids run around a lot. I preferred this movie to the first one. I thought it was easier to watch and tolerate, although I didn’t care for one second whether or not the main characters were going to survive this hellish world. The existence of these zombie creatures brought to mind “The Omega Man.” These weren’t the old fashioned slow-moving zombies, though. If they’re dead, I don’t see how they can run around like track stars. This installment ends with a cliffhanger that is something like “The Empire Strikes Back,” although most of us cared more about the Star Wars series. Thomas is not a good strategist. He just acts on impulse, which isn’t what you would want in a leader. I’m not sure if I saw any of these teenagers eat anything after their escape. The way they were running around, they should have been very hungry. I didn’t see how they or the zombies could climb through that rumble go quickly. The most disturbing scene was the group leaving their infected friend behind. I don’t know whether the content of this movie was really thought over. Thomas is trying an impossible task at the end. Since he isn’t waiting to regroup, his plan has to be amazingly ingenious, although it seems that he always improvises. The message seems to be that you don’t have to plan anything, but you have to have emotion. These views are questionable at best. This series certainly has less star power than The Hunger Games or Divergent. The movie marketplace definitely seemed overloaded with these youth apocalypse films. At this point, I feel that I have to see the next movie because I’ve seen the first two. I’m tired of these movies with the concept that young people are going to save the world. They barely have the ability to graduate from college. I could have seen “The Intern,” but I passed on it this weekend because I had already seen that movie with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. I think I’m looking forward to next weekend’s “The Martian,” even though Matt Damon is in it. Some of the people who died on September 26 include Daniel Boone (1820), Bessie Smith (1937), Bela Bartok (1945), Hugh Lofting (1947), Clara Bow (1965), Anna Magnani (1973), Betty Carter (1998), and Paul Newman (2008). Today is a birthday for Linda Hamilton (59), Olivia Newton-John (67), Bryan Ferry (70), and Kent McCord (73). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for September 26, the film version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” opened at the United Artists Theater in Westwood in 1975. In 1986, “’Crocodile’ Dundee” premiered. In 2003, Robert Palmer died of cardiac arrest in a Paris hotel room.

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