I heard the news about the death of Marty Ingels. I got up to go to work. There were lecture notes to write, and I submitted grades. I went out to the record store and looked through the bargain bins. I bought Blu-ray copies of “Forrest Gump,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” I had a late lecture and stuck around the building for a while before walking to the movie theatre for “Tremors.” I don’t know if it has the cult status that was predicted for it a long time ago. I thought that this was one of Kevin Bacon’s good performances. He was a regular guy living in a desert community in Nevada. Fred Ward was his buddy, and the two of them play Rock-Paper-Scissors a lot to decide who does what. A graduate student named Rhonda happens to be studying the seismological activity in the area. She was a little bit like Debra Winger. Michael Gross and Reba McEntire were a survivalist couple. Victor Wong was the owner of the general store. One of the kids was a brat who was immensely annoying, and I was rooting for the creatures to devour him. Those creatures reminded me of the worms in “Dune.” They behaved inconsistently. If I was living in that town, perhaps I’d want to be killed by the monster, because if I survived I’d have to continue living there. Two of the funny moments involved the demise of two of the monsters. Michael and Reba sure had a lot of ammunition. Watching them blast away with all those weapons was funnier the first time years ago. I saw some product placement of Lay’s Potato Chips and Gatorade and thought that Victor Wong deserved to be eaten for it. Some of the action wasn’t really exciting, like when the people were stuck on the roofs of different buildings. The slow attempt at an exit wasn’t truly thrilling, either, as they didn’t get too close to the mountains. Kevin Bacon was rather clever in dealing with the last worm, I’ll have to admit, although the geography was convenient for what he did. I got thirsty watching this movie, especially seeing all those cans of soda that were sitting in the store. I thought it was a bit slow in getting the action going, but it was a good diversion for a weeknight. The audience applauded at the end. I read that eight characters die in the movie, but I didn’t want to stop and count them all. I wonder whatever happened to Finn Carter. It seems that all she is known for is “Tremors.” I could never bring myself to see any of the sequels, which I could not imagine could be any good. Even this first one was like “Jaws” in the desert. I could understand how Kevin Bacon could see that this was a low point in his career. However, it’s now become part of his legend, along with “Footloose” and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Michael Gross stuck with his role in the sequels, however, and it seems that he’ll be playing Burt Gummer until he’s close to the grave. I’ll have to say that “Tremors” was the greatest Western giant worm comedy horror movie ever made. I’m not sure how many more times I’d want to watch it, but it did bring back the memory of seeing it with my now departed brother. I walked home and watched the eleven o’clock news, hearing that the 49ers played a bad game against the Seahawks. I watched Jimmy Kimmel recreate his third grade class photo and talk with Bradley Cooper, and James Corden do a comedy bit with Matt Damon. Some of the people who died on October 23 include Zane Grey (1939), Christian Dior (1957), Oskar Werner (1984), Adolph Green (2002), and Lou Jacobi (2009). Today is a birthday for Weird Al Yankovic (56), Dwight Yoakam (59), Ang Lee (61), and Pele (75). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for October 23, Al Jolson died of a heart attack at age 64 in San Francisco in 1950. In 1961, Dion’s “Runaround Sue” was Number One on the singles chart. In 1976, Chicago had a Number One hit single, “If You Leave Me Now.” In 2004, Ashlee Simpson was revealed to be lip-synching to a song when the wrong vocal track was playing during a Saturday Night Live appearance.

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