Derek Carr’s 4 TD Passes and 333 Yards

Watching CBS Sunday Morning, there was a segment on Gloria Estefan. My parents phoned me. I was glad that I reminded them of the switch back to standard time. Otherwise, they would have called me an hour too early. I went out to do my laundry, and while I was out there, I bought a bottle of shampoo from CVS. I watched the Partridge Family episode “Old Scrapmouth” before I went out to take the bus to the Fruitvale BART station. I listened to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on the radio along the way. I had a lot of extra quarters from doing my laundry, and so I fed them to the BART ticket machine instead of using my dollar bills. I got to the stadium pretty early. The security person at the gate told me to take off my hat. I thought of buying a pin for my hat, but I passed on it. I took my seat and watched the highlights of the early games. The 49ers’ troubles were continuing against the Rams. I saw several people posing for photos with the Raiders cheerleaders. The people in my section were late to arrive. I didn’t hear any fans talking about the meeting at the Paramount Theatre on Thursday night. However, they were feeling some excitement about the team based on their performance against the Chargers last week. Derek Carr had a very good game. Other players, like Michael Crabtree, Latavius Murray, Amari Cooper, and Andre Holmes. The Raiders had the look of a winner through most of the first half. The crowd got louder as the afternoon wore on because they believed the Raiders would win this game. At halftime, we saw a contest between two first responder teams in a course that began with a hamster wheel and ended with a field goal kick. During the second half, we thought we were going to see a repeat of the San Diego game in which the Raiders had to hang on to win. However, a great play by Taiwan Jones resulted in a touchdown that seemed like it would be the clincher. The Raiders would find themselves with a 34-13 lead, so it was unlikely that they’d lose this one. The Jets had a last good drive in them, as they scored a touchdown. In the late going, the Raiders weren’t doing all they could to take time off the clock and the Jets blundered. The final score would be 34-20. Derek Carr was impressive with four touchdowns and 333 passing yards. Latavius Murray had 113 rushing yards. I was rather shocked that the Raiders had a winning at this point of the season at 4-3. The Raiders will have to go to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers next weekend. I went home quickly and ate a chicken salad sandwich and potato chips. I listened to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times program on KCSN. He played tracks by people whose birthdays were in November, like Gram Parsons, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Randy Newman. I think my favorite song of the hour was “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio.” The Columbo episode was “The Most Crucial Game” with Robert Culp, Dean Jagger, James Gregory, Valerie Harper, Susan Howard, and Dean Stockwell. The opening scene took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. I watched the World Series game. Yoenis Cespedes got an injury when a foul ball bounced off his knee. It seemed that the Mets allowed Matt Harvey to stay in the game too long. The Royals scored the tying run in the ninth inning on a ground out. It all came apart in the twelfth inning. An error led to the downfall, and Bartolo Colon allowed a big hit, although those extra runs weren’t necessary. The Mets have now lost three World Series, in 1973, 2000, and 2015. The postgame show seemed to drag on forever, and I couldn’t understand why Alex Rodriguez had to be there. The Mets made mistakes at the crucial moments, and the Royals proved that they were the superior team. I started to hear the rain outside my window shortly after the game ended. Some of the people who died on November 2 include James Thurber (1961), Pier Paolo Pasolini (1975), Irwin Allen (1991), and Hal Roach (1992). Today is a birthday for Stefanie Powers (73).

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