The Incredibles

The rain came down all night. I took a while to get up out of bed, and I listened to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times program again. I had missed a couple of songs by Gram Parsons and Lyle Lovett the first time around. I avoided the rain and didn’t go to the coffee shop. Over at work, I saw a bowl of leftover Halloween candy. At least they didn’t give away raisins. I got tired from working my shift. I took a nap and got to work on my class notes. I was satisfied with getting a lot done. I watched “Supergirl” but felt bad about wasting the hour. I watched “The Incredibles” on DVD. The animation looked slightly old, and it was an unusually long movie for an animated feature. I liked how there was an early reference to San Pablo Avenue and Emeryville. This movie must have seemed like a long time ago to the Pixar staff who were there ten years ago. It was amusing how Samuel L. Jackson was one of the voices. Holly Hunter fit in perfectly, too. I didn’t really like how some of those family arguments and problems affected the Incredibles. The part about finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity in school struck me as true. Wallace Shawn has a cartoon voice. I imagine that the movie could have looked sharper on Blu-ray. It still looks quite good, though. I wish I could instantly change everything I have into high definition. I wished the movie could have moved along at a snappier pace for the first half hour. The island reminded me of the volcano in the short before “Inside Out.” It was funny how the place looked like it came out of “Dr. No” or “You Only Live Twice.” The montage of family chores and Mr. Incredible’s workouts was amusing. The Edith Head character was funny. Mr. Incredible lies to his wife. It certainly doesn’t seem like the behavior of a superhero. Edna is someone a superhero could trust with his wardrobe, but she can’t keep her mouth shut. I rather wish that Pixar would go back to entertaining us than to teach us things. In the years since “The Incredibles” was released, we’ve had such a glut of superhero movies that it’s sickening. Some of those movies were more like parodies than this one. I kept thinking that the little kid must burn up millions of calories every day. I wanted to see this movie all the way through to the end because I had forgotten who was voicing each of the characters. I don’t know why Edna made those suits in bright red, so easy to see in the dark. The jungle part made me think of “Return of the Jedi.” Syndrome was right when he said that is everyone is super, no one will be. Frozone didn’t have such a great power, because the ice barely stopped anything. Villains like The Underminer were coming almost literally out of the woodwork. This movie and the Supergirl episode both made use of the idea of using an enemy’s power against him. Elizabeth Peña was one of the voices, as well as author Sarah Vowell. Michael Giacchino’s music added a lot to the movie. Brad Bird was the driving voice behind this movie. I have to give him credit for his talent. He had a great sense of what made films enjoyable, and not everyone at Pixar had it. According to what I read on the Internet, a sequel is planned for release in 2019. Some of the people who died on November 3 include Annie Oakley (1926), Henri Matisse (1954), Mary Martin (1990), Bob Kane (1998), and Jonathan Harris (2002). Today is a birthday for Kate Capshaw (62), Dennis Miller (62), Roseanne Barr (63), and Lulu (67). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for November 3, “Gojira” was released in Japan in 1954. In 1978, “Diff’rent Strokes” made its debut on NBC. In 1990, “Ice Ice Baby” became the first hip hop single to reach Number One on the Billboard Hot 100.

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