Golden State Warriors 119, Denver Nuggets 105

I went out to work. One of the girls called in sick, but I definitely didn’t want to stay for more hours, as I was hungry and had chores to do. Someone talked to me about Earth, Wind and Fire before I left. I think that if I were stuck on a deserted island and could only listen to Earth, Wind and Fire, the Commodores, or War, I might choose War, based on “The Cisco Kid,” “Low Rider,” and “Summer.” However, those would be the only three War songs I’d want to hear, and I’d get sick of listening to the same three songs over and over again. I shopped for some groceries, and I watched the Partridge Family episode “Danny and the Mob” before I headed out for the BART station to get to the Oracle Arena. I fell asleep during the train ride, but I awoke in time to catch my stop. Fans this season seem to be lining outside the arena earlier, as there was a small crowd at the door when I got there. It was rather cold standing out in the wind. I made my way to the team store. Their item of the game was a pair of ladies championship T-shirts for $30. I was annoyed that it wasn’t something else. I saw that a Stephen Curry jersey would cost me $120. I bought a pack of mini-basketballs to go with the hoop on my door, and then I headed for my seat. I had a pretty good view of the court, without any obstructions. The person who sat next to me was pretty friendly, offering me some garlic fries that I didn’t want because they were greasy and would make my breath smell terrible. There was no band around to perform songs like “Shake Your Body.” It looked like the Warriors cheerleaders had new outfits. I was still drowsy and found it difficult to concentrate on the game. The woman next to me would say “Come on, you guys” about a thousand times during the night. We saw a lot of kids out on the court playing basketball. One kid wore the number 30 and seemed to be a future Stephen Curry, at least in the eyes of Franco Finn. The fans were louder than ever in cheering Curry during the introductions. The Warriors got off to an impressive start to the game, scoring 40 points in the first quarter. The Nuggets looked like they weren’t even ready to play the game. When the Warriors ended the quarter with a 17-point lead, the game had the look of a contest that was already over. Since this was a game of professionals, the visiting team figured to have a bit of a chance still. The couple that had the seats to my right didn’t arrive until the end of the first quarter. I don’t understand how people could pay so much for tickets and miss a big part of the event. The family in front of me left their seats and didn’t come back, getting dinner somewhere else in the building and presumably watching the rest of the game on television. The Warriors kept right on with their blitz, getting 30 points ahead. At this point, it seemed that the two teams should have been in different leagues. The first half ended with the score at 74-44. We saw more of those kids on the court during halftime. With their red and white jerseys, I thought they looked like the Houston Rockets. It seemed that the Warriors were coasting a bit in the second half. They were outscored in both quarters, and they made the person next to me a bit nervous about letting the Nuggets back into the game. I didn’t really consider a 15-point gap as being truly back into the game, but views differ. The Warriors didn’t quite reach the 100-point mark after three quarters, but the score was 99-75. The Nuggets got closer in the fourth quarter but never got to within 10 points. It seemed like Curry missed a lot of shots, but he would end the night with 34 points. Harrison Barnes made a shot late in the game that seemed to seal the win. His photo was on the cheer card that was taped onto each of our seats. After the time ran out, the woman next to me said goodbye. I didn’t tell her that I would be back in the same seat in three weeks. The final score was 119-105, which some fans didn’t know because they left so early. I hurried out of the building and was revived by the cold fresh air outside. I was a little irritated that I had to wait for a while in the cold out on the platform waiting for a train. An old guy in a wheelchair saw my plastic bag and asked me what I bought. He talked endlessly about point spreads. I really didn’t want to hear about any of it, but I was stuck there waiting. Before I went home, I stopped to buy a shrimp burrito, which tasted better than I expected. It made me feel better to have something in my stomach. I was too sleepy to stay up and watch more television. I hated the idea of rain on the weekend, just as I was planning to see the new James Bond movie. I wanted to go out shopping before I go to the theatre, in anticipation of the rain on Sunday. Some of the people who died on November 7 include Eleanor Roosevelt (1962), Steve McQueen (1980), Slappy White (1995), and Joe Frazier (2011). Today is a birthday for Lorde (17), Christopher Knight (58), and Joni Mitchell.

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