I went out to work and was greeting with the smell of skunk. I was glad to get back home. I listened to Courtney Barnett as I did my laundry, and I bought a new Beatles T-shirt. I wasn’t able to watch all of “Zorba the Greek” on television, so I watched “10” again. It seemed to come from a time that was long ago. Dudley Moore and Blake Edwards were still alive, and Julie Andrews was younger than I am now. The opening sequence had to remind me of “The Party.” Some of these Blake Edwards movies have a lot of drinking in them. This one does, with Dudley Moore’s character George constantly drinking. Some of the bits were very funny, but they seemed to go on for too long. Hardly anything happens during the first hour of the movie. The idea of having a telescope to spy on neighbors made me think uncomfortably of another movie I would see a few years later, “Body Double.” I had to wonder if Edwards had any painful visits to the dentist. I had to wonder if Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews ever had any real disagreements over the use of the word “broad.” I noticed the shadow of a helicopter in an aerial shot following George’s car. Some of the streets looked familiar, as though I’d seen them before in movies like “Shampoo.” I managed to see two street signs, for Elevado Avenue and Bellagio Road. When we see Bo Derek, her appearance does rate a perfect ten. I would say that her hair was not fantastic, and her teeth weren’t perfect, either. The funniest moment in the movie involved George and a boat. It seemed like a fantasy that you could do something that matters. I could see George Segal as the main character in this movie, and I think he could have done a good job. I could have pictured Peter Sellers in the role, too, after seeing him in “The Party” and the Pink Panther movies. One real bit of talent that Dudley Moore had, though, was that he could really play the piano. I laughed when George fell down the hill. It reminded me a bit of Monty Python. In some of the early scenes, George’s clumsiness was something like Inspector Clouseau of the Pink Panther movies. The reference to a Beatles song suggested that the script to this movie had been on a shelf for a long time, and made it questionable that Blake Edwards understood the Beatles. I don’t know why Julie would think of looking through the telescope after she had just chastised George for invading the neighbors’ privacy. I thought that George sized up the women who went to that house accurately, however. I thought that Bo Derek did a reasonable job of acting in her one substantial scene. Even though she seemed blind about her own behavior, she did point out the big flaw in George’s mindset. He couldn’t claim any kind of moral superiority when his actions were self-centered to the point of being nauseating. I had forgotten that Brian Dennehy was the bartender in this movie. He seemed to be everywhere years ago, and now I care barely remember anything that he became famous for. One new impression of Julie Andrews that I got from this movie was that she was a good driver, as she handled that Mercedes-Benz very well. The quality of the images was very good on the Blu-ray disc. It was first apparently when Dudley Moore blows out the candles on his cake. George was supposed to be 42 years old in the movie, which means that he would be 78 years old today. I think this is one of Blake Edwards’ best movies. He could have been more concise, but he knows how to deliver humor. Some of the people who died on November 24 include Diego Rivera (1957), George Raft (1980), Big Joe Turner (1985), Eric Carr (1991), Freddie Mercury (1991), Arthur Hailey (2004), and Pat Morita (2005). Today is a birthday for Pete Best (74) and Oscar Peterson (77). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for November 24, the Rod Stewart album “Blondes Have More Fun,” featuring “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy,” was released in 1978. In 1979, Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer were Number One on the singles chart with “No More Tears (Enough is Enough).” In 1991, Freddie Mercury died of AIDS with Dave Clark at his bedside, one day after Mercury announced that he had the disease.

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