Golden State Warriors 120, Sacramento Kings 101

I went over to Trader Joe’s to buy groceries, and then I bus the bus out to the BART station. I made it over to the Oracle Arena a half hour before the door were to open, but there was already a big crowd outside the building waiting to get in. After I entered, I walked over to the team store, where I saw that the item of the game was an ugly Christmas sweater for $80. I decided that it was too much for me to spend. For forty more dollars, I could buy a jersey. If I hadn’t already spent too much money during the day, I would have bought catfish from one of the food stands. I took my seat and watched the players warm up. The same group of women I saw from the last home game were all seated again to my left. One of them offered me a stick of gum. The same little girl sang the national anthem. She was a good luck charm. The Warriors fell behind 5-0 and trailed for most of the first quarter. The Kings didn’t seem very strong, but they started off with their best effort. However, in the waning seconds of the quarter, the Warriors took the lead. Stephen Curry had a great quarter, scoring 17 of the team’s 30 points. At the break, the Warriors were ahead by a 30-29. The Warriors still weren’t at their best in the second quarter, but their superiority was showing. Curry didn’t score any points in the quarter, but the Warriors added to their lead. At halftime, they were ahead, 56-46. We saw two teams of kids play a game on the court. The crowd always takes a liking to the smallest kid on the court during these games. The third quarter was the part of the game when the Warriors took control of the game. They would make their three-point shots to devastating effect. The defense left the Kings with shots that were difficult with little time left on the clock. The crowd got louder. The Warriors scored the first five points of the third quarter, as they started to pull away from the Kings. When the lead reached twenty, it seemed highly unlikely that the Kings could catch up. They showed that they couldn’t make three-point shots with the same consistency as the Warriors. At the end of three quarters, the score was 92-71. The Warriors were well on their way to winning their 18th consecutive victory to start the season. The team cruised through the fourth quarter. Curry’s brother came into the game for the Kings, and the crowd cheered his points. The Kings actually managed to outscore the Warriors in the quarter, as the final score was 120-101. We had the feeling that we had seen one of the great teams in the history of the NBA. I hurried home in the cold and watched the news on television when I got home. I heard that California won their game against Arizona State. It’s too bad that I couldn’t be at two places at once. According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for November 29, Frank Sinatra won an Album of the Year Grammy for “Come Dance with Me” in 1959. In 1976, Jerry Lee Lewis accidentally shot his bass player in the chest. In 2001, George Harrison died of cancer in Los Angeles.

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