I worked on notes for my classes and bought batteries from Dollar Tree and dry erase markers from Staples. I had hamburgers for a late lunch. I spoke with one of my students after class about how tough it was to succeed in this country. I returned home to eat some yogurt and raspberries and watch “Moonraker” on Blu-ray. It certainly wasn’t my favorite James Bond movie, and I thought the space battle was idiotic and laughable. It had some of the worst elements of “You Only Live Twice” and “Thunderball.” Lois Chiles had to be one of the coldest, least exciting women to ever appear in a James Bond film. I read that Frank Sinatra was offered the part of Hugo Drax. It would have been fun to see him as a Bond film, but perhaps he made the right decision to stay away from this science fiction foolishness. I thought a bit about Jerry Lewis in “Way, Way Out.” In the opening sequence, I wondered how Bond got the parachute off that guy. I thought maybe he should have punched him to knock him out cold first. However, we would have been able to hear him scream. This was the last time we would see Bernard Lee as M, as he would die before “For Your Eyes Only” was filmed. I’ll have to say that I got tired of Jaws by the end of this movie, and I couldn’t stand the notion that he had a love interest. I was amazed that this movie made so much money because of the unimpressive villain and the terrible space theme. I read the Ian Fleming novel, and I have no recollection of what it was about. The curious moment with Jaws was how he let the flow of people in the street in Rio take him away. I thought he was made of stronger stuff than that. I thought that Roger Moore didn’t look too old to play Bond at this point, although he was getting there. The evidence was in some of the close-up shots of his face. I thought it was ridiculous that Drax left him underneath the rocket to get burnt to a crisp. He should have realized that Bond would have some gadget that would allow him to escape. These villains are so stupid that they aren’t worthy adversaries. Bond had some cruel and sadistic moments, like when he shoots a man at the estate, and his last encounter with Drax. Whatever happened to Michael Lonsdale? I didn’t know who he was when I saw “The Remains of the Day” years ago. Blanche Ravalec was Dolly. I wonder how she feels about being known as Jaws’ girlfriend. The director Lewis Gilbert is still alive at age 95. He also worked on “You Only Live Twice” and “The Spy Who Loved Me.” I guess I can see some continuity in there, with the big sets and the action on the water. He’s also known for “Alfie” and “Educating Rita.” I was rather glad that the next film, “For Your Eyes Only,” went in a different direction. I thought that Roger Moore stayed too long with “Octopussy” and “A View to a Kill,” however. “Moonraker” did look better on Blu-ray, although the action in space was still ridiculous no matter what the definition of the images was. Some of the people who died on December 2 include Edmond Rostand (1918), Marty Feldman (1982), Desi Arnaz (1986), Aaron Copland (1990), Bob Cummings (1990), and Gail Fisher (2000). Today is a birthday for Lucy Liu (47) and Cathy Lee Crosby (71). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 2, mail-in ticket requests for Bob Dylan concerts began in 1973, resulting in a traffic jam in San Francisco. Also in 1973, The Who was jailed overnight for causing $6000 worth of damage to their hotel room in Montreal. In 1990, Aaron Copland died at age 90. Also in 1990, Katharine Hepburn, along with Billy Wilder, was a recipient of one of the Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime achievement.

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