I turned on the television set and some news about the shooting in San Bernardino. I went to work and felt sleepy at the end of the shift. I returned home to watch “Octopussy” on Blu-ray. I guess all of these movies are at least a bit more enjoyable in high definition. I can’t look at this movie the same way after seeing it referenced in “Ted” with Marky Mark trying to see the theme song. Rita Coolidge was several years removed from the peak of her career when she sang it. Louis Jourdan was not my idea of a great Bond villain. I recalled that he died not too long ago. The bit with the car losing its tires and going down the train tracks was rather ridiculous. Would Sean Connery ever get in a gorilla suit? Moore got out of the suit instantly. Moore supposed did a Tarzan yell at one point, which everyone hated, as I did. The train stunts made me think back to “The Great Train Robbery.” Moore looked too old to be climbing around the side of a train car. Bond had to hitch a ride with a German couple in a Volkswagen Beetle at one point. They couldn’t stop eating. The U.S. Air Force officers seemed too enthusiastic about the circus. Bond also got into the clown suit quickly. He also put on make-up on his face. I didn’t know that was one of the skills of a secret agent. I thought I saw the bit of dialogue “back to India” dubbed, as if there was a change in the plot. I liked Maud Adams. She did do a bit of fighting before she needed to be rescued. The stunts on the plane at the end looked incredibly dangerous. The stuntman resembled Roger Moore, although you could tell it wasn’t him. He fell off a train and jumped off a plane. It seemed that he should have sustained serious injuries. At the end, we’re told that James Bond would return in “From a View to a Kill,” although it would turn into “A View to a Kill.” Well, the movie wasn’t great, and all I can say about it was that it took me back to 1983, when I still had some youthful energy. Roger Moore was running out of that youthful energy, and James Brolin almost took over the James Bond role during this time. Connery would be in “Never Say Never Again,” and the producers didn’t want to go with a new actor. Looking back, I don’t see they choose to go with Timothy Dalton. Is “All Time High” really Seth MacFarlane’s mother’s favorite song? I don’t think that Laura Branigan could have turned the song into a hit. I really remember Rita Coolidge for singing “Superstar” on a Joe Cocker tour. Some of the people who died on December 3 include Robert Louis Stevenson (1894), Auguste Renoir (1919), and Madeline Kahn (1999). Today is a birthday for Daryl Hannah (55), Julianne Moore (55), and Ozzy Osbourne (67). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 3, “Kismet,” featuring the song “Stranger in Paradise,” opened on Broadway in 1953. In 1968, Elvis Presley’s comeback television special aired on NBC. In 1976, a 40-foot inflatable pig that was to be photographed for the cover of the Pink Floyd album “Animals” broke free and floated in the sky over London.

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