A View to a Kill

I reached the office and worked while it rained outside.  I gave a final lecture for one of my classes and then headed for lunch, when I had a turkey burger.  After my work day was done, I returned home and watched “A View to a Kill” on Blu-ray.  I thought the good things were the Eiffel Tower sequence and Christopher Walken as the villain.  I thought that Tanya Roberts was terrible with her screaming and her stupidity.  I’ll never think of anyone but Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny, but I felt rather sad at seeing the signs of age in her face and her neck in this movie.  Her last shot shows her crying.  I really hated the use of “California Girls” when Bond did his snowboard stunt.  Some of these attempts at humor in the Roger Moore Bond films are truly weak.  Patrick Macnee was in this movie.  When he was one of the Avengers, he fought well against the bad guys, but in this movie he didn’t seem like a survivor from his first moment on the screen.  In real life, he died not too long ago, which was a real shame.  He was around forever, and I liked him a lot.  There was a scene at a racetrack, and I thought that I would not bet against Christopher Walken there.  When Bond plays any game and makes a bet, like cards or backgammon, has he ever lost?  He also drinks so much alcohol in every movie that I don’t know how he can stand up straight during his missions.  It was kind of annoying to see shots that obviously showed a stunt man instead of Roger Moore.  He couldn’t have been hanging on a rope from a blimp, for example.  This movie featured two landmarks, the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I would have liked to see some action at Mount Rushmore or somewhere like that, like out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  Grace Jones was a memorable character in this movie, although I wouldn’t say that she was an appealing personality.  She had some ability with martial arts.  She had a change of mind about her boss, like what Jaws did in “Moonraker.”  Her last moment on the screen is a kind of blaze of glory.  Christopher Walken does falter as a villain towards the end, though.  A good villain has a likable quality about him.  It didn’t seem that he would win a physical battle with Bond, but he goes after him with an axe.  When Tanya started shrieking, I started hoping that Bond wouldn’t rescue her.  Bond almost had a bad accident to the groin with the Transamerica Pyramid, which was similar to something that happened in “Octopussy.”  Watching these Roger Moore James Bond movies again, the two that I genuinely liked were “Live and Let Die” and “For Your Eyes Only.”  “The Spy Who Loved Me” I liked almost as much.  This movie, with it Duran Duran title theme song, is now thirty years old.  I can’t believe that Roger Moore spent all these years playing James Bond.  I fell asleep and awoke to see Billy Crystal on the James Corden show.  “Sunset Boulevard” was on the movie channel.  I watched it from Norma Desmond’s visit to Cecil B. DeMille at the studio until the end.  I always wondered what Nancy’s reaction to the news was.  I miss Billy Wilder.  I never saw any of his movies when they were originally released.  Some of the people who died on December 4 include Bert Lahr (1967), Benjamin Britten (1976), Frank Zappa (1993).  Today is a birthday for Jeff Bridges (66).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 4, Led Zeppelin announced that they would not continue as a group after the death of John Bonham in 1980.  In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Prince in a copyright infringement case involving Prince’s half-sister Lorna Nelson and the lyrics to the song “U Got the Look.”  In 1990, Madonna appeared on the Nightline television show to defend her video for “Justify My Love.”

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