Derek Carr’s Three Fourth Quarter Interceptions

My mother phoned me while I was in the middle of watching CBS Sunday Morning. I had spent half the night checking to see that my computer files were being backed up into my external hard drive. It was raining outside, so I wasn’t anxious to go out grocery shopping, as I normally would. I watched two Partridge Family episodes, “Dora, Dora, Dora” and “In 25 Words or Less.” I wonder whatever happened to Robyn Millan, the girl who played Dora. It was still raining at ten o’clock, so I listened to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on the radio. I fell asleep briefly, but picked myself up to take the 1 bus to 12th Street. There was a traffic jam of BART trains just outside the Coliseum. I went to my seat and was glad that I brought along a towel, which I used to wipe my seat of rain water. I wore my plastic poncho. Mickey Thomas sang the national anthem and took too long, because the flyover happened before he was finished. Dave Casper was there to light the Al Davis torch. The Raiders won the coin toss and managed to score a touchdown. However, after the kickoff, the Chiefs were able to start their first possession in good position, and they responded with a touchdown. Near the end of the second quarter, Michael Crabtree made an impressive touchdown catch. The ceremony during halftime was Tim Brown receiving his Hall of Fame ring. He was certainly a great player. I couldn’t hear half of what he was saying in the middle of the noise of the crowd. I thought he thanked God, his wife, and Al Davis. The Chiefs came out in the third quarter and got a tying touchdown. The Raiders would take the lead with a touchdown, although Sebastian Janikowski somehow would miss the extra point. If the Raiders played a good fourth quarter, they would be tied with the Chiefs in the standings. They had the ball in that fourth quarter and were looking to extend their lead to at least nine points. Derek Carr would throw a pass too high when his receiver was open and looked to possibly score a touchdown on the play. The following play was an interception that was nearly returned for a touchdown. The Chiefs did score, but the extra point try failed so that the score was tied at 20-20. Derek Carr would throw another interception, and soon the score was 26-20. With a chance to go down the field to win, Carr and the Raiders stalled and tried a field goal. Janikowski’s kick bounced off the goal post, as his earlier kick did. On discouraged fan at this point talked about going home. With a few minutes left, the Raiders got the ball with one last real chance pull out this game. However, it was a third interception of Carr, leading to another touchdown for the Chiefs. The final score would be 34-20. The Chiefs score 20 points in that fourth quarter on their way to win. Charles Woodson played his 250th game and made a good play with a fumble recovery and return for 38 yards. In fact, it was his second fumble recovery of the game. Derek Carr threw for 283 yards. The crowd had screamed at him to throw the ball before his first interception because everyone knew he was running out of time to do something. I wondered if something was wrong with Sebastian Janikowski. He had made 225 consecutive points after touchdowns since 2008 until this game. I listened to the postgame radio show and heard mostly the same complaints about the Raiders’ offense. The fans in the stands during the game hated the running plays. Reality was setting in about the team’s playoff chances, and some fans were even afraid that the team would be moving out of Oakland next season. They argued about a fourth-and-two play in which Amari Cooper dropped the ball. I don’t know how anyone could say that the play worked. It would have worked, but Cooper has dropped passes like that before. The next home game will be on December 20 against the Green Bay Packers. The Raiders might not be able to avoid a losing record at home for the season. I hurried on home and listened to the Robert Hilburn Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program. He played tracks by Keith Richards, Little Richard, Tom Waits, Sinéad O’Connor, and Patti Smith. They were all people whose birthdays are in December. My favorite tracks during the hour were “Innocent When You Dream” and “The Boy in the Bubble.” I watched a 60 Minutes segment about the former KGB spy Jack Barsky, and the beginning of the Columbo episode “Lovely But Lethal” with Vera Miles, Martin Sheen, and Vincent Price. Vera looked like the years since “Psycho” had affected her, since she showed some age in her face. Some of the people who died on December 7 include Rube Goldberg (1970), Thornton Wilder (1975), Robert Graves (1985), Christopher Connelly (1988), Joan Bennett (1990), and Harry Morgan (2011). Today is a birthday for Tom Waits (66), Ellen Burstyn (83), and Noam Chomsky (87).

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