Die Another Day

I watched a bit of news and headed over to the office. I worked on some lecture notes and graded some homework. I gave a final exam. I avoided most of the rain. After eating a chicken burger, I prepared for the second half of the day. After it was done, I returned home to watch the last of the James Bond Blu-ray discs I bought at Best Buy on Thanksgiving, “Die Another Day.” It had an interesting beginning sequence in that Bond doesn’t make a successful getaway. He suffered 14 of torture in North Korea. Given all the action he goes through in every movie, he hardly suffers any pain. How is he able to escape high security facilities with such ease? It’s not just because of his spy skills. One thing I thought about was that Bond used an electric shaver to get rid of his facial hair. It looked like a very close shave. One of the things I didn’t like about this movie was the use of CGI effects. We liked seeing real stunt men performing real stunts in this series. The person who is sorely missed is Desmond Llewelyn as Q. Although I like John Cleese in Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I can’t take him seriously in a James Bond film. I think they went a bit too far with the invisible car. Even if it was possible, the idea isn’t great for an action film. It feels like a parody of a horror movie about The Invisible Man. Would Q really have some of those old gadgets lying around after more than 30 years? Did people like seeing Halle Berry in this movie? I thought she was annoying most of the time. I didn’t know who Rosamund Pike was when I first saw this movie. Her character was not so interesting. I thought she had a strong presence in “Gone Girl.” Madonna’s cameo appearance as Verity was distracting to me because her face looked so radically different than it was in the days of “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Ii couldn’t stand her theme song with its electronic effects and its forgettable melody. I felt that the movie took a wrong turn with the Cuba sequence. The last 30 to 40 movies felt long and drawn out. I don’t think I like a single frame of the Iceland footage. Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan expressed dissatisfaction with this movie. It’s easily the weakest of the Brosnan films, and I think it may be one of the bottom five of the series to that point. “Die Another Day” always makes me think of Warren Zevon, who expressed the wish to live to see one last Bond film before he died in 2003. This movie wasn’t worthy of that wish. I thought the people who liked this movie were hypnotized by Halle Berry’s appearance. Two of the people who died on December 11 include Sam Cooke (1964) and Bettie Page (2008). Today is a birthday for Jermaine Jackson (61), Teri Garr (71), Brenda Lee (71), Donna Mills (75), and Rita Moreno (84). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 11, Toni Basil was Number One on the singles chart in 1982 with “Mickey.” In 1985, the Mary Tyler Moore television series “Mary” premiered on CBS. In 1992, “The Muppet Christmas Carol” was released. In 1998, the Michael Keaton movie “Jack Frost” was released.

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